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40 Ways to Exercise without Realizing It: Make Exercise FUN!

I do know loads of individuals who hate train however WANT to discover a manner to prefer it.

And that’s what at present’s submit is all about:

Exercising in a manner the place life doesn’t suck AND helps you attain your objectives.

Luckily, that is precisely what we do for a residing!

I do know what it’s like to hate train, and ALSO need to drop some weight and see outcomes. Ugh.

We’ve constructed a complete firm and group round serving to individuals overcome these obstacles – our Online Coaching Program helps individuals discover workout routines they love, and likewise how to make the fitting dietary decisions.

We are all on a singular journey and we’d love to allow you to with yours!

ExercIse Sucks. Do This Instead.garfield

“But Steve, I don’t like to exercise!”

While some are like Odie and love to run round all day, others are like Garfield and really feel like they have to be allergic to train.

I hear this every single day, and I’m not stunned.

After all, I think “exercise” sucks too.

Which is why we’re gonna deal with train that doesn’t really feel like train!

Will Ferrell thinks having fun while exercising is important too!

After all, vitamin is like 90% of the equation

Exercise is merely a supporting actor, which is why we don’t ever NEED to spend time doing train we hate.

We’ve already talked extensively on Nerd Fitness on how to eat nutritiously, so I received’t hash that out right here.

So let’s speak about train.

Sure, it might be nice if all of us strength trained 5 days every week and obtained tremendous robust, however the actuality is most of us don’t have that point – or the need – to hit the gym.

And extra importantly – the best exercise program is the one you truly do!

And thus at present we’re going to deal with TWO key parts of getting extra train in our lives:


Did you recognize ‘fidgeting’ (aka “small micromovements”) can account for up to 350 additional calories burned per day?

Per the New York Times:

Overweight individuals generally tend to sit, whereas lean ones have bother holding nonetheless and spend two hours extra a day on their ft, pacing round and fidgeting, researchers are reporting in findings printed at present.

The distinction interprets into about 350 energy a day…

350 further energy burned per day ain’t no joke!

As we cowl in our “How many calories should I eat every day?” information, burning an additional 350 energy per day can lead to sustainable weight reduction and upkeep over time for a lot of.

Not solely that, however while you think about inertia (an object at relaxation tends to keep at relaxation, and object in movement tends to keep in movement), it paints a fairly attention-grabbing image:

We spend our lives making an attempt to be extra “efficient.” What if the important thing to weight reduction is to be LESS environment friendly?

From standing up extra continuously to parking FARTHER away from the grocery retailer, each extra step or motion counts. Today’s information shares TONS of the way to get your self used to transferring extra continuously.

I’m truly air drumming and shuffling my ft as we converse!

Play the air drums like the Foo Fighters - it counts as fun exercise


Who cares what the optimal workout is?

Unless you’ve a very specific physique you’re trying to build, ANY train is nice train.

From dancing to yoga to climbing to roughhousing together with your children, all of it counts.

This brings me to at present’s level:

Exercise is a bonus. Exercise helps your coronary heart get stronger, might help construct muscle, often will get you outdoors the home and absorbing vitamin D, and brings you a litany of different well being advantages. Also, any extra energy burned is a bonus!

Exercise might help us make fewer unhealthy meals decisions. Instead of “I earned this” you can begin telling your self: “If I’m going to exercise regularly, I might as well make it worth it by eating right too.”

Daily train is a continuing reminder that we’re leveling up our lives – that we should always proceed to make different good decisions or we’re virtually losing our time.

This is the kind of stuff we deal with – with personalised instruction, with every of our online coaching clients.

Some shoppers are learning Olympic lifting, whereas others are merely specializing in taking the steps extra and monitoring their meals.

We are all on a singular journey and we’d love to allow you to with yours!

40 Ways to Exercise Without Exercising

A border collie dog playing with a frisbee

#1) Hiking, particularly with mates – Strap on a pair of sneakers, get out of the comfortable confines of your hobbit-hole, and go discover the world round you!

Make positive you observe our Beginner Hiking Guide on how to discover a climbing spot close to you, what sneakers to put on, what to convey with you, and extra.

#2) Walking – No time to hike? Go for a easy stroll. Even a 15-minute brisk stroll is sufficient time to get shut to a mile walked, which will get you one step closer to Mordor.

Sam and Frodo walked to Mordor, why not go for a walk too?

Do you’ve a 30-minute assembly at work? Have a strolling assembly as a substitute. Steve Jobs was identified for doing this.

You ought to know Tim, a member of our Nerd Fitness group who misplaced 50 kilos – whereas injured – simply by fixing his vitamin and going for lengthy walks every single day!

I’m proud that Tim used the philosophies specified by our on-line programs beneath Nerd Fitness Prime to get his outcomes!

Tim lost 50 pounds with the Nerd Fitness Academy

#3) LARP – Live Action Role Playing. Might appear foolish to these on the surface, however to these enjoying, it’s an incredible journey that reminds us how superior our imaginations are.

Also, relying on the sport, you could possibly be sporting a heavy costume, swinging heavy weaponry, and operating on your life!

#4) Rock Climbing – I like mountaineering. It’s top-of-the-line arm/again/forearm exercises in existence, you get to really feel like a badass while you attain the highest of the wall, and all climbing routes are graded so you possibly can stage up the problem as you get stronger/fitter/higher.

It’s a match nerd’s dream!

#5) Geocaching – If mountaineering is a fit-nerd’s dream, then geocaching is an journey nerd’s dream introduced to life. Become a real-life treasure-hunter (Lara Croft? Nathan Drake? You determine!), and get an excellent exercise in when you’re at it.

Or, when you’re really nerdy, you are able to do some Digital Geocaching with Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

#6) Dancing – Ever tried severe swing dancing? You’ll be sweating inside ten minutes. How about hip hop? Drenched in sweat, and sore as hell the following day.

Zumba? Tango? Flamenco? You’d be stunned at what you possibly can join and what’s going to elevate your coronary heart charge.

#7) Roughhousing together with your children. I don’t have children, however once I do, you possibly can wager your ass I’ll be the dad out rolling round within the again yard with them. Don’t neglect what it’s like to be a kid – it retains you younger.

I actually loved this text from Art of Manliness on the importance of roughhousing!

#8) Climbing on stuff – A couple of years again, I attended an excellent convention, Midoricon, and I used to be strolling by the woods with NF Rebel Joe (No, not THAT Joe).

It was superior to see this man, having misplaced 100 kilos since discovering Nerd Fitness, discover the woods prefer it was no downside: climbing on stumps, balancing on fallen bushes, climbing bushes, and extra. 

We work with LOTS of Coaching Clients to get them outside and assist construct them “fun climbing programs” that burn tons of energy however don’t actually really feel like train.

#9) Martial arts – Be trustworthy. You watched The Matrix, you heard Neo go “I know Kung Fu” and also you wished to have the option to at some point say the same thing.

Whether it’s Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Karate or Capoeira (breakdance combating, severely), there’s a martial artwork on the market that can make you are feeling like a badass.

And may allow you to defeat your archenemy. 

#10 Consider a standing desk – Although everyone knows that correlation does not prove causation, it’s no shock that there’s a powerful correlation between sitting all day and an unhealthy life-style.

Why not repair your posture, strengthen your legs, get extra “fidget time” in, and spend the day being extra productive with a standing desk? I’ve THIS desk and it permits me to swap between sitting and standing.

If you don’t need to stand all day, be sure you learn up on our information, “how to survive sitting all day in an office.”

#11) Have an lively assembly – Hat tip to Charlie Hoehn on this one. If any individual needs to meet up with you for espresso, recommend one thing lively: throwing a baseball, tossing a frisbee, going for a hike – something that will get you up and transferring.

I say sure to just about anyone that invitations me to play golf. Wink wink.

Golf is a fun form of exercise, even if you stink at it!

#12) You know… that factor that consenting adults do?

Yeah. Do that.


Moving on…

#13) Clean! – Ugh, no one likes to clear the home/condominium. It’s not my favourite factor to do. So I as a substitute make a recreation out of it.

I see how a lot I can accomplish with a single track blasting at max quantity, whereas in all probability additionally dancing. I additionally CRUSH podcasts whereas doing the dishes.

Of course, after getting by one track, I determine “welp, I’ve already started, might as well keep going.”

#14) Try handstands – This is a enjoyable exercise that builds up some severe arm and core power and can go away you sweating bullets after even a couple of minutes.

Rebel Leader Steve showing you how to kick up to a handstand.

So go discover a park, go do handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, and no matter else makes you are feeling younger once more.

Here’s our guide on How to Do Handstands.

#15) Parkour – Our Beginner’s Guide to Parkour is likely one of the hottest on Nerd Fitness. I don’t care how outdated you’re, there’s no motive you possibly can’t get began with rolling round in your yard and vaulting over picnic tables and bike racks.

Or, you are able to do it in your workplace:

#16) Playout – Is Parkour too severe for you? Try a playout! Spiderman was on to one thing – climbing partitions, swinging from skyscrapers, and popping flips across the unhealthy guys.

You may not have the option to swing between buildings, however you possibly can positively go to a playground in your space and get inventive!

#17) Adult gymnastics – In the identical vein as parkour, gymnastics will allow you to construct a few of the BEST real-world power you may get with any kind of train, and it’s all completed in a playful manner without a single weight being picked up.

Swing from rings, somersault, flip onto pads, and extra.

There are gyms all around the nation.

#18) Yoga – Build flexibility and power, plus be taught to freaking loosen up.

There are one million sorts of Yoga, together with superior stuff like Acro-Yoga, child goat Yoga (not kidding), and Yoga with beer.

Sign up for a couple of completely different sorts and see which one strains up the perfect with what you’re on the lookout for.

#19) Play video video games that make you be lively – Beat Saber. DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) counts too. Just Move. Anything that will get you off your ass and transferring!

Oh, what’s that? You’re enjoying a traditional recreation like Grand Theft Auto V? Make a rule you could solely play whereas standing up, or that you’ve to do 10 push-ups each time you die.

That’s what I do to maintain myself from spending twelve hours on the sofa in marathon gaming classes!

#20) Play on a playground – Go down the slide, swing throughout the monkey bars, climb the rope all, stability on the stability beam.

Create an impediment course for your self and see how rapidly you may get by it.

You may even work out on a playground too:

#21) Play a musical instrument – Did you recognize enjoying musical devices can burn a boatload of energy too?

I think about that is doubly true when you’re dancing round like Taylor Davies enjoying the violin.

#22) Join a Rec League – New on the town? Want to be lively and meet individuals? Join a co-ed kickball, softball, or tennis league.

You get to train AND it’s a good way to meet new people through exercise!

#23) Bike to work – I do know there are lots of Rebels in our group who dropped a bunch of weight by making one change: they biked to work, or biked to their good friend’s home, or began biking usually.

You get from Point A to Point B, you lower your expenses on fuel, and also you get a exercise.

Plus, you are able to do it with mates!

a gif of the biking scene from the Muppet movie

Here’s our Guide to Biking if you’d like some assist getting began. 

#24) Play a childhood recreation – What video games did you play as a toddler? Capture the flag? Kick the can? Simple tag?

Get a couple of mates collectively and provides it a attempt – it will likely be essentially the most enjoyable you’ve had shortly!

#25) Park on the far finish of the car parking zone – Every step counts.

Every tiny resolution that’s barely completely different than the “OLD you” counts.

IT ALL COUNTS when it comes to burning more calories than you consume every day.

#26) Take the steps. It’s solely two flights! And we’re designed to transfer. You can do that.

Sure, you’ll get winded the primary handful of occasions. But it will definitely turns into routine.

And all of it counts! Make a recreation out of it.

#27) Crush audiobooks whereas “exercising.” This known as ‘temptation bundling.‘ Pair something you love with an activity you’re making an attempt to do extra of.

But I wager when you might solely pay attention to Harry Potter (for the 600th time) whereas strolling on a treadmill, you’d be extra doubtless to get to the fitness center.

#28) Build stuff. Whether you’re constructing a fort together with your child within the yard, or making an attempt to determine why you’ve 5 further screws in that IKEA dresser you’re placing collectively, constructing stuff includes plenty of transferring and bending and selecting up and maneuvering.

Warning: you’ll swear a minimum of 100 occasions constructing furnishings. Earmuffs! 

#29) Sit in a squat, or pike place on the ground whereas watching TV. No, not leaning towards the sofa. Sitting up actively participating your core!

You may do some kind of stretch or motion like these bodyweight exercises throughout commercials (or within the 15 seconds between Netflix episodes!)

#30) Impromptu dance events. Kids or no children, I discover that nice Disney songs are unbelievable for bringing out your internal baby.

Blast the tunes, dance round the home, and be absurd. WHO CARES! As a sensible lady as soon as stated…”Let it gooooooo.”

Napoleon spontaneously busts into dance for fun exercise

#31) Go for a stroll whereas on the cellphone. What when you simply determined you had to stand for your whole cellphone calls?

For starters, I do know many individuals who do cellphone interviews whereas standing as a result of it makes them extra alert and a greater visitor.

Next: you’re gonna get so many steps in whereas on the cellphone without realizing it!

#32) Having an impromptu picnic. Instead of sitting and gorging your self on the eating room desk, why not eat on the ground?

Grab a blanket or a towel, eat in your front room or head out into the yard, and make it a picnic!

You’ll want to alter your posture and seating model consistently.

#33) Sit in a squat. We cowl this in our “How to squat” guide, however sitting in a deep squat – typically for lengthy timeframes – is constructed into us as a species! We’ve simply change into mushy from sitting in chairs all day lengthy.

I attempt to accumulate quarter-hour of “squat time” every day – sitting in a squat whereas studying a chapter in a e book, or journaling, or answering an electronic mail with my laptop computer on the bottom.

Here I’m sitting in a squat whereas studying Level Up Your Life (accessible on-line and in bookstores nationwide!)

Steve sitting in a squat reading the book, Level Up Your Life

#34) The “Pull-up bar Tax”. Get your self a door-frame pull-up bar. Put it on a door that you’ve to cross by recurrently.

And each time you undergo, you’ve to do both 1 pull-up, 1 unfavorable pull-up, or 10 seconds of hanging from the bar.


#35) Lasers round the home. Set up coloured string pulled tightly throughout your child’s rooms or in sure hallways, and you’ve got to go over and beneath the lasers every time you traverse the hallway.

Kids walking through a lazer hallway

Don’t contact the lasers!

#36) Climb a tree. Your stage of security and skill on this shall be dependent in your expertise right here, however I keep in mind climbing bushes like a monkey as a child and loving each minute of it.

Even if it’s simply hanging from a tree department or making an attempt to scramble up to a low department, it may be a good way to “exercise.”

#37) The ground is lava. This is each nice for exercising round your condominium, for a enjoyable date night time or night time with the youngsters, and for enjoying True American. Though one is barely extra wholesome than the opposite.

#38) Casual Parkour. From avoiding cracks on the sidewalk to balancing on curbs, or leaping from tile to tile, or hopping up onto a bench after which again down, all of it counts!

Just get your self to transfer in a different way than you’ll have in any other case! We are at the moment working with a girl who has misplaced 100-pounds by our Coaching Program, and her train is all “fun parkour in the woods behind the house!”

#39) Literally fidget extra! Yes, from tapping your toes to music and twitching your legs to the beat of the music. Getting up and sitting again down. Doing laps round your workplace.

You don’t want to get a standing desk or treadmill desk, however there’s a particular correlation between these that may’t sit nonetheless and physique composition.[1]

#40) Your child is a backpack! From piggyback rides to enjoying horsey, staying lively together with your children is basically highly effective in instilling a love of fitness in them.

If you’re a badass mother like Brownwyn – a hit story from Nerd Fitness Prime, you possibly can even do pull-ups whereas your child holds on!

Here are extra recommendations on how to work out as a whole family.

Challenge your self to Have enjoyable: Next Steps!

Legs walking on steel pipe with balance

If you’re on the lookout for extra steering past the 40 Fun Exercise Suggestions above, we have now three choices to proceed your journey:

1) Join our epic Online Coaching Program! We create personalised packages for every buyer based mostly on their life-style, objectives, and character. From parkour within the park to simply strolling extra together with your youngsters, and even “becoming a badass powerlifter,” we cater every expertise to every individual.

2) If you’re on the lookout for a bunch of enjoyable methods to train, take a look at NF Journey. Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you progress extra continuously, eat more healthy, and stage up your life (actually).

We assign enjoyable missions every day to get you to train in a manner that doesn’t really feel like train…as a result of it’ll really feel like a aspect quest as a substitute.

Try your free trial (no bank card wanted) proper right here:

3) Enlist in The Rebellion (it’s free)! Sign up for our biweekly e-newsletter and be part of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion!

I’ll ship you tons of free guides and bonuses to allow you to get began in your journey at present.

Sign up beneath:

No matter which path you choose above, I would like you to commit to making an attempt one thing new, or doing one thing completely different, in some unspecified time in the future within the subsequent week:

  • Say sure earlier than you possibly can say no. Stop saying “I don’t have time” and notice you do. Stop saying “I can’t afford it” and discover a manner to make it a precedence. Do all of this earlier than you possibly can speak your self out of it. The greatest manner to do this?
  • Commit prematurely. Put down a deposit and make an funding in your self. I pre-paid 6 weeks of swing dance classes. Having already paid for it, I knew I’d be simply throwing my cash away if I didn’t attend.
  • Go with a good friend. I went to my swing courses alone, which compelled me to additional develop my social skills, however when you occur to be TOO afraid to attend a category, get a good friend to drag you there.
  • Expect to suck. If you’re studying a brand new ability, anticipate to suck at it. You’ll get higher so long as you keep in mind to…
  • Have enjoyable. Remember, we might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Every day above floor is a blessing, so take pleasure in it!
  • When doubtful, transfer extra.

That one factor you at all times wished to attempt however have been pushing aside?

Today’s an excellent day to get began. Just take that FIRST step.

Google courses in your metropolis. Find a web site that focuses on newcomers, and examine it. If there’s a spot to pre-pay or make a deposit, do it.

And then go.

Use 20 seconds of courage when you’ve got to.

What’s the one new factor you’re going to do this month?



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