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Athenian gives you metrics about your engineering team without focusing on individuals – TechCrunch

Meet Athenian, a brand new startup that analyzes your software program supply workflow and gives you insights. When corporations undertake a software like Athenian, they’re looking for methods to ship new options at a sooner tempo and repair bugs extra rapidly.

The startup raised a $9 million seed spherical led by Point Nine. Frst, Xavier Niel, 20VC, Abstraction Capital and Air Street Capital are additionally collaborating within the spherical. Some enterprise angels, resembling Renaud Visage, Julien Lemoine and Sam Ramji are investing within the firm as nicely.

Athenian isn’t the primary firm making an attempt to supply analytics for software program improvement. But founder and CEO Eiso Kant instructed me that instruments like Jellyfish and Code Climate focus an excessive amount of on particular person efficiency. In different phrases, engineers hate them as a result of they really feel like surveillance software program.

Athenian wished to start out over from scratch and focus on groups and occasions as an alternative of individuals. When you begin utilizing the product, you first join it to numerous knowledge sources, resembling GitHub, Jira and your CI/CD system. Athenian then recurrently fetches new knowledge from these sources.

After that, you get “a true graph of all the events that are happening in the organization from the planning work to feedback from customers,” Kant instructed me.

The startup breaks down your pipeline in a number of classes, resembling ‘plan & design’, ‘review’ and ‘release’. You can see the discharge frequency, the variety of excellent bugs and different metrics that assist you get an summary.

Image Credits: Athenian

When a venture turns into extra advanced, the engineering team must ship new options, but additionally repair bugs and refactor some outdated code to stop technical debt from creeping up. Athenian gives you instruments to trace bugs by precedence and see how their statuses change over time. Similarly, you can get insights about your CI/CD course of (steady integration and steady supply) — you can monitor the construct failure charge over time and you can determine bottlenecks as a way to repair them.

I requested Eiso Kant about the traders within the firm. He gave me a protracted listing of the reason why he chosen these traders particularly. “We set a set of five criteria for who we wanted in the company. We want an investor who is deeply kindhearted as an individual. They need to be incredibly deep in SaaS. They need to have very high convictions. They need to be a specialist in seed and [Series] A. And the partner we go with needs to be a general partner or a founder of the fund,” he instructed me.

It says lots about his ambitions for his firm as he doesn’t appear to be optimizing for a fast acqui-hire down the street. How large does he need Athenian to turn into? “We want to build a Datadog-sized business,” Kant stated.

Image Credits: Athenian



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