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Atmosphere of violence, hatred targeting one group being fostered in country: Digvijaya Singh

Senior Congress chief Digvijaya Singh on Saturday stated an environment of violence and hatred was being fostered in the nation to focus on a piece of society. The Rajya Sabha MP, whereas talking at a dialogue on ‘Journalism and Burning Issue’ organised by Central India Press Club, additionally claimed politicians ought to have tolerance and thick skins in a democracy, because it helped them to scale new heights.

“Many a instances an occasion is provided that when Partition was happening Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru went in the midst of people and an old woman grabbed him by his collar and asked what she had got out of Independence. Nehruji replied what you have got is that you had held the prime minister by his collar. This democracy is missing nowadays,” he stated.

Taking a swipe on the ruling dispensation, with out taking names, and the prevailing instances, Singh stated. “Leave aside the collar, even if you say something from far off, people get upset. Sedition cases can be registered because you have become a threat to the nation.”

He stated get up comedians have been now being seen as risks to the nation, apparently a reference to some of them getting booked in the latest previous, and requested how democracy would proceed to be nurtured if politicians did not have the power to face up to criticism.

“An atmosphere of violence and hatred targeting a particular group is fascism’s game plan. Identify an enemy and once your enemy is identified then declare him as anti-national and then anti-nationalism becomes nationalism of the day,” he stated.

He stated branding one part as anti-national after which making the battle in opposition to them a logo of nationalism cannot be outlined as democracy however dictatorship and fascism.

“The burning issues are what is nationalism and anti-nationalism, religion. Should religion be used in politics? Isn’t the use of religion as a weapon unlawful? These are burning issues. Can’t we criticize? Critics can’t be anti-national. Stand up comedians can’t be anti-national,” he noticed.

Singh stated tolerance and acceptance have been the tenets of Indian society, tradition and Sanatan Dharma preached respect for all religions, and this side must not ever be forgotten, including that the Constitution allowed all to place forth their views.

He stated the National Security Act, which was utilized by the British to place down the Congress-led Independence wrestle, was now being invoked even for “petty things” and it was unlucky legal guidelines like NSA and sedition couldn’t be withdrawn even after the nation acquired freedom.

Stressing that the nation’s Constitutional statutory establishments have been getting affected, Singh stated neutral journalism had a significant function to play if democracy was to stay intact.

“We have to stand with impartial journalism boldly,” he added.



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