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bjp: Electoral battles among kith and kin muddying Tilhar poll waters

With BJP candidate Salona Kushwaha going through right here her brother as an impartial and SP candidate Roshan Lal Verma his alleged daughter-in-law, the Tilhar meeting section has was a area for queer electoral battle among kith and kin. The Tilhar meeting seat within the Shahjahanpur district will probably be going to the polls within the second section on February 14.

After Tilhar’s sitting BJP MLA Roshan Lal Verma jumped into the fray as an SP candidate after switching sides, a lady, Sarita Yadav who had been claiming herself to be married to his son, threw her hat into the ring.

Muddying the poll area additional, Kushwaha’s brother Ravindra Kushwaha jumped into and fray and filed his nomination paper on Saturday, accusing his sister of driving his household out on the street.

“I am the real brother of BJP candidate Salona Kushwaha and I have filed nomination because she has exploited us a lot, our family and our children have come on the road,” Ravendra Kushwaha instructed reporters on Saturday after submitting his nomination.

“We are being threatened by Salona’s goons that after winning the election, she would make our life hell. What will happen to the general public if a sister could not be faithful to her brother? I am contesting only because of this,” he mentioned.

Salona Kushwaha, nevertheless, denied his allegation.

“I got married a long time ago and I have nothing to do with my brother’s family. Why should I threaten them?” she instructed PTI over the telephone.

Sarita Yadav, who claims herself to be the widow of Verma’s son Vinod Verma who died in 2019, jumped into the fray towards SP candidate Verma, alleging that “as a BJP MLA, he harassed Muslims and Yadavs” whose assist he’s looking for now.

“I am fighting the election to ensure justice to them,” she instructed reporters on Friday after submitting her nomination paper.

“I am also getting wide public support in the Tilhar assembly,” she claimed.

When requested about Yadav’s allegation towards him, Verma instructed PTI that “her claim of being my daughter-in-law is false. She has nothing to prove it.”

“She is projecting herself as my daughter-in-law as part of a conspiracy to malign my image and has stood against me in the election to harm my image,” he mentioned.



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