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First graders come to teacher’s rescue

Feb. 16—ARDMORE — Cedar Hill Elementary college students had been in the course of a lesson in Tracy Hodges’ first grade class final month once they realized one thing was not proper and carried out an act that college nurse Kristin Dorning hailed as heroic.

Hodges was in the course of educating when she all of the sudden felt dizzy.

“As soon as I sat down, my vision started to get blurry,” Hodges stated. “The next thing I knew my head started to shake and I told the students to go get help and that is all I remember.”

Hodges then fainted and the 11 college students within the classroom reacted instantly.

“They were definitely heroes that day,” Dorning stated. “They came in my office and were very calm that day and told me their teacher had fallen out of her chair. As soon as they told me, I jumped up and ran to her classroom.”

First grade pupil Raely Blakely stated the incident upset her however she is grateful her instructor is nicely and again in her classroom.

“We were doing our stations and me and somebody else were the closest to her,” Blakely stated. “We knew something was wrong so they all ran to the nurse to tell her what happened.”

Hodges stated she isn’t shocked at her college students’ habits.

“They are just a real caring bunch and they want to help others,” Hodges stated. “They show kindness every day to everyone they talk to.”

Hodges regained consciousness later that day within the faculty.

“I just remember waking up to Nurse Dorning praying over me and seeing my husband there,” Hodges stated.

Hodges later found that she had suffered a seizure that was introduced on by COVID-19 problems. At the time, Hodges didn’t know she had the virus.

“The only symptom I had was dizziness, so I didn’t really think anything of it,” Hodges stated. “After I had the seizure, I had to quarantine for a week but I was fine.”

Cedar Hill Elementary together with Limestone Sheriff Joshua McLaughlin, Ardmore Police Chief Jereme Robison and members of Ardmore Fire and Rescue are honoring Hodges’ class at the moment for his or her heroic deed.

Dorning stated that whereas the college had no COVID-19 instances as of Tuesday, many college students and employees had the virus in January.

“You know, we had some students that had reported dizziness around that time and they all came back with positive (COVID) tests,” Dorning stated.

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