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Florida boy reels in .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles while fishing

Over a balmy winter weekend in South Miami-Dade, Florida, a younger boy and his grandfather got down to fish alongside a canal. What they reeled in weren’t fish, however holy mackerel had been they a catch.

Duane Smith was shocked when his grandson Allen Cadwalader pulled in two .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles while magnet fishing, the Miami Herald reported.

Smith and Cadwalader went out with magnetic rods after viewing a YouTube video on it, and determined to drop traces in the C-102 canal.

“We ended up with two pounds of scrap metal and 40 pounds of gun,” Smith informed the Miami Herald, including, “I figured, since it was our first time, this was beginner’s luck.”

But luck struck twice, and the pair pulled up a second rifle one drop after the primary.

“The Barretts had so much mass,” Smith famous. “The magnet went straight to them.”

Smith, 61, who previously served with Army infantry, mentioned that he was in the firearms’ decrease recievers, the place serial numbers are usually situated. He instantly known as police.

“Whoever did this is not your run-of-the-mill criminal,” mentioned Smith. “It looked like it was something that someone would want to come back for.”

The weapons are presently being processed at an area forensics lab.

This was removed from the primary time folks have gone “magnet fishing” and located previous weapons.

This YouTube video exhibits the invention of an previous Nazi MG-42 machine gun from World War II.

“For me a very exciting video!” mentioned MjrCarnyx – WW2 Metal Detecting, who posted the video, which had greater than 280,000 views, in 2019. “As you can see we had a few epic days with the guys from Dutch WW2 Magnet Hunters. It was absolutely unbelievable and I can’t thank them enough for taking me along. I really do hope you enjoy!”



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