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For the first time, postal voting an option for Johoreans in Singapore but some are uncertain

Mr Hazwan Mohammad Amini instructed CNA that the complete course of was “slightly cumbersome” but he managed to submit his software and acquired the affirmation electronic mail inside 4 days. 

“What’s important is that I exercise my right as a voting citizen,” stated Mr Hazwan. 

There are voters who determined to not do postal voting over issues that their ballots may not be stored secret. 

An instance is logistics govt Muhammad Ameen Rosli, who instructed CNA that he was not assured that the votes could be transported safely. 

“I don’t feel sure that someone along the way won’t open the envelope to check,” he stated. 

Mr Muhammad Ameen stated he thought of utilizing VTL to go residence to vote but he couldn’t get bus tickets. 

“I will not be voting then this time. I have to remain (in Singapore) to work and support my family,” he added. 

Another Johorean based mostly in Singapore, who needed to be identified solely as Mr Tan, additionally instructed CNA that he was involved about the secrecy of his postal vote.

“Perhaps the government can arrange for bus services on polling day to transport voters over the cast ballots. If so, I will consider voting,” he stated.


Votes from Johoreans based mostly in Singapore may very well be decisive for the Johor polls. 

During a televised dialogue final month, an opposition politician, Parti Amanah Negara organising secretary Suhaizan Kayat, posited that the incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition pushed for the election to be held presently partly as a result of lots of the Johorean employees based mostly in Singapore would discover it tough to come back again to vote given the pandemic scenario.

Even with the VTL preparations in place between Singapore and Malaysia, Mr Suhaizan famous that many would discover it tough to journey residence to forged their ballots attributable to journey quota restrictions.

“These workers are predominantly Chinese and many will not be able to vote … with current COVID-19 measures in place,” stated Mr Suhaizan. 

Johor’s caretaker chief minister Hasni Mohammad, who shall be main BN’s cost in the upcoming polls, replied throughout the dialogue that the points hindering residents from voting will impression all events. 

“All the parties contesting are affected. If we look at the Malaysians who are working in Singapore, not all of them support the opposition. There are many who support the government,” he stated.

Non-governmental teams and members of the public have since launched efforts to encourage Singapore-based Johoreans to forged their votes. 

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, which is healthier often known as Bersih, has been publishing step-by-step directions to tell voters on methods to register for postal voting. 

Bersih’s chairman Thomas Fann instructed CNA that the lack of understanding and belief in the course of might imply that the variety of postal votes could be comparatively small. 

It could be an achievement if 5,000 out of the estimated 100,000 Johoreans based mostly in Singapore had been to register for postal voting, he added. 

“In the last general election (in 2018), less than 8,000 registered as postal voters (across the different countries),” stated Mr Fann. 

“For the Johor election, if we manage to hit 5,000 to 10,000 out of a potential 100,000 eligible Johorean voters, that itself will be amazing,” he added. 

Bersih stated it will likely be working alongside election advocacy group Undi Johor, which spearheads the coordination of postal votes assortment in Singapore earlier than transporting them over to Malaysia. 

Ms Tan, the Johorean working as a healthcare employee in Singapore, stated it helps that there are discussion groups for like-minded Malaysians to debate in the event that they face any points. She is a part of the Telegram group MWIS-Johor, with greater than 250 different members. 

“The administrator for the group is very helpful. Even set up a voluntary group to help consolidate and collect all the voting slips after we cast our vote in Singapore and send them back to Johor so that each individual doesn’t need to spend money to mail the voting slips back,” she stated. 

Bersih’s Mr Fann expressed hope that the EC might give extra assurance that the course of for postal voting is legitimate and that the votes of those residents do matter. 

“Voting is an integral part of being a citizen. If we don’t vote, we are letting others decide our future. So if there’s a facility to vote overseas, we should take the opportunity,” stated Mr Fann.



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