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How to Build Muscle as a Woman (5 Workouts)

If you have an interest in studying how to acquire weight the appropriate approach, you will have come to the appropriate place! 

My title is Staci Ardison.

I overcame an consuming dysfunction, found a love for heavy energy coaching, and now I assist girls such as you get stronger for a dwelling.

Believe it or not, I’m 50 kilos heavier within the picture on the appropriate (and WAY stronger, and more healthy, and happier!).

I’m at present a lead coach right here within the Nerd Fitness Coaching Program, the place we prepare girls to choose up heavy weights, get sturdy, and construct confidence.

Speaking of choosing up heavy weights, right here I’m deadlifting 455 kilos:

Staci showing you how to deadlift 455 pouds.

This is what I LOVE to do.

In this Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle as a Woman, I’m going to be overlaying:

Alright, let’s do that.

Why Building Muscle is Difficult for Some Women

A group of different LEGO women ready to build muscle.

As Steve coated in “How to build muscle” and “How to bulk up for men,” the ideas of weight acquire are all the identical no matter your intercourse or gender:

“If you want to gain weight, eat more calories than you burn regularly. Want to put on the right KIND of weight? Exercise and eat the right way too.”

Now, there’s loads of nuance to this when evaluating women and men:

  • Due to our pure hormones, it’s typically harder for folks with typical feminine anatomy to acquire muscle than folks with typical male anatomy.[1]
  • We have a lot of things (such as hormonal contraception) which have been confirmed to make it even more durable as nicely.[2]

But that doesn’t imply it’s unimaginable!

It simply means now we have to work more durable for it.

Mary isn't happy, but will build muscle anyway.

Ugh, I do know.

Now, one factor I would like to contact on fast: if you happen to see a girl who is totally jacked and at a particularly low body fat percentage, I assure she has been working her butt off for a very very long time with the aim of constructing muscle.

It’s not one thing that occurs in a single day, or by mistake.

In addition, some girls with bigger quantities of muscle mass select to take steroids to assist help them in gaining muscle, as a result of we merely don’t have the hormones naturally to get to that measurement.

So if you happen to’d like to construct muscle, however not as a lot as a skilled bodybuilder – don’t fear, it’s not one thing that occurs accidentally.

With that out of the way in which, let’s speak about physique fats and physique varieties:

As we level out in that body fat percentage guide, we ladies can look very completely different at any weight relying on our physique form and the way a lot muscle now we have. It comes down to our personal private objectives!

This picture shows different body fat % of women.

This information goes to primarily give attention to two issues:

  1. How to eat to acquire weight and construct muscle.
  2. How to energy prepare to construct muscle.

We’ve helped 1000’s of girls with our online coaching program, lots of whom try to acquire weight and energy prepare for the primary time of their lives.

Everybody is on their very own journey, at their very own tempo, and everyone will find yourself with completely different outcomes too!

Should Women Build Muscle? (7 Reasons Women Should Grow Muscle)

This woman built lots of muscle on her journey to became an astronaut.

If it may be more durable for ladies to acquire muscle (in contrast to males), why undergo the difficulty?

I’m glad you requested!

Here are the highest 7 the reason why girls ought to energy prepare:

#1) When you’re stronger – on a regular basis life is less complicated. No want to name for assist to get that 50lb bag of pet food off the highest shelf, or carrying an air conditioner unit up a flight of stairs. LIFE is less complicated whenever you’re stronger. 

#2) Less harm danger – whenever you construct sturdy muscle tissue, you’re additionally constructing stronger bones, ligaments, and tendons, making you much less susceptible to harm doing belongings you love (like playing in a quidditch league).[3]

#3) Helps fight age-related muscle loss,[4] permitting us to stay impartial longer as we age:

#4) Muscle is more durable to keep, which implies you want to eat extra simply to maintain on to it.[5]

#5) Reduce ache – having a sturdy physique makes dwelling simpler in your joints, as nicely as permits you to maintain a higher posture, and cut back again / hip ache.[6]

#6) Appearance – that is a private desire! Some girls like to have a lot of muscle, and a few don’t. While you can’t spot reduce fat, you may select to construct extra muscle in particular areas, altering your physique form. Growing up, I used to be an excessive pear form, however due to energy coaching, I now have extra of an hourglass form. 

You can see that Staci has changed the way she looks from strength training!

#7) Live longer – need to spend extra time on Earth? Strength coaching and rising muscle will show you how to do exactly that.[7]

How to Eat to Gain Muscle as a Woman

This woman knows gaining muscle relies on a proper diet...like seafood!

As we mentioned above, gaining weight comes down to thermodynamics and science.

Every day, we burn a sure variety of energy simply present, which is known as our BMR (basal metabolic fee). We then consider our day by day exercise stage, and get a quantity that is known as our “total daily energy expenditure.” You can calculate yours beneath.

The Nerd Fitness Calorie Calculator:

(Click here for our Metric calculator).

(Note: now we have used The Mifflin-St Jeor Equation to create this calculator! [8]).

Since we would like to acquire weight, we would like to take our TDEE and add 250 energy to it to get our day by day aim. This ought to lead to gaining about half a pound per week.

Now, though consuming ANY EXTRA energy from any supply will lead to weight acquire, our aim is to acquire the RIGHT sort of weight, in a wholesome approach.

And thus, we’ll be focusing our efforts on a “healthy muscle building” technique.

We might simply add extra energy every day, and acquire weight faster, nevertheless, the sluggish technique provides you one of the best probabilities at gaining principally muscle, with minimal fats. The sooner you attempt to acquire weight, the upper the share that can probably be fats – so beginning off at half a pound per week is a excellent spot to begin!

A small addition of calories, will help you gain muscle with minimal fat gain as well. So slow and steady is the ticket.

In addition to the variety of energy we’ll be including, we additionally need to listen to the kind of meals we’re consuming.

As we cowl in our “Healthy Eating Guide,” we’re going to construct muscle by consuming the three large macros within the appropriate portions:

  • Protein: rebuilds muscle after you break it down.
  • Carbohydrates: offers your muscle with gas and physique with power.
  • Fat: helps your bodily features and can be burned as gas within the absence of carbs.

Let’s take a look at every of those individually:


Protein can come from any variety of sources, together with:

  • Meat (steak, bison, pork).
  • Fowl (rooster, turkey, duck).
  • Eggs![9]
  • Cheese and dairy.
  • Fish and shellfish (salmon, tuna, shrimp).
  • Legumes (black beans, chickpeas).
  • Other vegetarian protein sources right here.

As we cowl in our “How much Protein do I need?”, claims for the quantity of protein required for muscle progress range wildly from supply to supply (and athlete to athlete).

While meat sticks do have protein, try and stick to something less processed.

Here is our advice:

  • If you’re of wholesome weight, lively, and need to construct muscle, goal for 1 g per pound of physique weight (2.2 g/kg).
  • If you’re an skilled lifter on a bulk, intakes up to 1.50 g/lb (3.3 g/kg) might show you how to decrease fats acquire.

Let me simplify it for you:

“To build muscle, target at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (2.2 grams per kg).”

If you’re curious, from our healthy eating article, that is what a portion of protein seems to be like:

A serving of protein should be about the size of your palm, like so.

Here’s how a lot protein is in a serving of meals:

  • 4 oz (113 g) of rooster has round 30 g of protein.
  • 4 oz (113 g) of salmon has 23 g of protein
  • 4 oz (113 g) of steak has 28 g of protein.

Want to get extra protein? Consider protein shakes.


After protein, we’ll be filling up our plate with energy from carbs (and fat).

Here are meals stuffed with carbohydrates you may prioritize:

  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Legumes and lentils
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Yams
  • Regular potatoes
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Whole grain bread

To show you how to get higher at serving sizes:

Showing you a serving of carbs

1 serving of a starchy carbohydrate is 1 cupped hand (raw), or your two fingers forming a cup (cooked).

Here are some photos to show you how to study correct portion sizes (thanks to SafeFood):

This picture will help you determine proper serving sizes for carbs!

In addition to consuming carbohydrates from these sources, it’s okay to eat loads of fruit whereas attempting to construct muscle!

For reference, right here is roughly 200 energy price of an apple (thanks to WiseGEEK):

This is about 200 calories of apple.

You can learn our full “Is fruit healthy?” guide to study extra.


Fat is a macronutrient that may show you how to attain your calorie objectives (in the appropriate amount), as fats could be excessive in energy. Plus, you may eat numerous it with out feeling full. Helpful if you happen to’re attempting to placed on weight.

Healthy fats could be present in meals like:

  • Avocado
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Almond butter
  • Peanut butter

Science has not too long ago come round on saturated fats too.[10] Once fully vilified, however now thought of okay for reasonable consumption.

Saturated fat can come from issues like:

  • Whole milk
  • Full fats dairy
  • Coconut oil
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Fatty cuts of meat
  • Lard

To show you how to gauge: a serving measurement of fats is roughly the dimensions of your thumb!

A serving of fat should be about your thumb!

For reference, that is a single serving of almonds (162 energy):

Knowing the correct amount of almonds to eat can help you with your calorie goals.

THIS is a serving of olive oil (119 energy):

This shows the serving size of olive oil, which is very dense calorie wise.

As you may see, you may eat an additional 500 energy of “healthy fats” by consuming numerous “heart-healthy” fat like nuts or including extra olive oil to your meals.


Last however not least, you want greens in your food regimen.

As you begin to eat extra meals, your abdomen, intestines, and different bodily features will thanks for consuming extra high-fiber greens! 

A serving of veggies is concerning the measurement of your fist.

A serving of veggies should be the size of your first (or greater).

Here’s a fast, non-complete listing of high-fiber veggies that may fill your plate:

  • Broccoli
  • Broccolini
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Spaghetti squash[11]
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Asparagus


If your meal plate looks like this, you're doing a lot of the heavy lifting for weight loss.

This plate and serving measurement stuff above is simply to show you how to get began serious about wholesome meals in another way and in correct portion sizes.


  • Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and add 250 energy over your quantity.
  • Consume 1-1.5g per pound (2.2-3.3g per kg) of physique weight in protein daily.
  • Consume the remainder of your energy from meals composed of carbs and fat.
  • Always eat greens in order that your physique can truly PROCESS all this additional meals. I like to goal for half of my plate of greens.
  • If you aren’t gaining weight, (and also you’re hitting your protein objectives), add extra carbs and/or fat to your meal.

It actually does come down to the next:

If you aren’t gaining weight quick sufficient, you’re not consuming sufficient. Increase your parts of carbs and fat!

Whenever we work with coaching clients who battle to construct muscle, that is the world we goal: including extra carbs and fat to every meal.

8 Strength Training Exercises For Women to Build Muscle

This woman knows exactly how to build muscle...she does it by lifting that sword and shield!

Years from now, you’ll look again and thank “Past You” for beginning strength training right now.

And don’t fear, I’m going to inform you precisely what to achieve this you can begin energy coaching TODAY!

Here’s why energy coaching is so necessary: whenever you eat a caloric surplus (extra energy than your physique wants every day), the additional energy have to go someplace.

  • If you don’t do any train, your physique will select to retailer the additional energy as fats for later.
  • However, whenever you energy prepare, your muscle tissue are damaged down. Then they’ll use the additional energy to rebuild themselves larger and stronger over the subsequent 48 hours!

“Staci that sounds great, but I’ve never strength trained before, and I don’t know what I’m doing…Halp!” You is likely to be saying into your laptop or telephone.

Fear not! I’ll assist. Strength coaching doesn’t want to be scary or overly difficult.

Gonzo knows he has to eat protein to match his strength training goals, but he doesn't eat chicken, for obvious reasons.

Simply put, “strength training” means two issues:

#1) “Movement of any weight against “resistance” (including your body weight) – Doing ANY train that pushes your muscle tissue outdoors of their consolation zone, forcing them to rebuild stronger to put together for the subsequent problem.

#2) Progressive overload: doing barely greater than final time (lift a heavier weight or do 1 more rep) persistently. Your muscle tissue can have to consistently adapt and rebuild themselves stronger. This is known as “progressive overload.”

Coach Jim breaks down completely different methods for progressive overload on this video:

This means if you happen to drop down and do ONE push-up or knee push-up proper now…

Knee push-ups like this are a great way to progress to a regular push-up!

Technically, you’ve energy educated.

Now do this after which do a body weight squat…

Do a proper bodyweight squat to work out your legs

Boom, you simply did a strength training workout.

Here’s what you want to learn about energy coaching:

  1. Strength coaching is without doubt one of the BEST issues you are able to do for your self.
  2. Strength coaching will show you how to placed on muscle whereas consuming in a surplus.
  3. While you may’t spot cut back fats, you may give attention to constructing extra muscle in particular areas, which may help you attain a particular look you’re going for.
  4. If you don’t just like the health club, you don’t want to go, ever. But I hope you do. Because that’s the simplest approach to begin coaching with weights.
  5. Regardless of your health stage, physique fats proportion, energy stage, or organic intercourse, you will have each proper to be within the free weights part within the health club, coaching with heavy weights, with everyone else. The folks within the health club who’re very sturdy with a lot of muscle began someplace, too!

I used to be a CrossFit instructor, and my favourite factor about CrossFit was that it destigmatized barbell coaching and heavy lifting for a lot of girls.

Crossfit is great in that in shows it's okay for women to lift heavy weights.

In order for us to energy prepare and construct muscle, we’re going to method this intelligently. 

We’re not going to choose up small dumbbells and do numerous reps.

We’re not going to sit down at varied machines and scroll by way of our telephones whereas doing leg curls.

Instead, we’re going to:

  • Get very sturdy with compound movements that recruit LOTS of muscle tissue to work collectively.
  • Do our exercises shortly and get out of there. The exercise ought to take not than 45-60 minutes.

This is how we effectively construct muscle within the minimal period of time. What are the workout routines that we’re going to goal?

1) The Push-Up: The greatest train you might ever do for your self when it comes to utilizing your body weight for push muscle tissue (your chest, shoulders, and triceps):

2The Bodyweight Squat: This train serves a twin goal: it’s the basis for constructing energy AND helps construct correct mobility. If you’re going to ever do barbell squats, you want to work on hitting correct depth with a body weight squat first!

3The Inverted Bodyweight RowUntil you will get your first pull-up or chin-up, these workout routines are GREAT to begin constructing your pull-muscle energy (your again, biceps, and forearms).

4) The Pull-Up and Chin-UpOnce you may assist your physique’s weight above the bar, the world turns into your playground. No energy coaching routine must be with out pull-up or chin-up work! (Click right here if you happen to can’t do a pull-up or chin-up yet):

And now we’re into one of the best weight coaching workout routines:

5) The Barbell SquatProbably one of the best train when it comes to constructing energy and muscle all through your complete physique. It additionally burns loopy energy and makes life higher. This is a MUST:

6) The Barbell DeadliftMaybe one of the best train of all time. Actually no, it IS one of the best train of all time. It’s actually probably the most primal: “pick the weight up off the ground. Done.”

This is a very technical elevate, so be sure you learn our article on how to deadlift with proper form:

7) The Barbell Bench PressLie on a bench, squeeze your shoulder blades to preserve your again tight, after which decrease a barbell till it nearly touches your chest. Pause, after which press it again up in direction of the sky. Repeat! And get sturdy.

8) Barbell Overhead Press: Stand along with your toes about shoulder-width aside and lean again by pushing your hips ahead. While protecting your whole physique tight, press the bar overhead.

Once the bar passes your brow, transfer your physique again below the bar by driving your torso ahead and again into a standing place. At the highest of the elevate shrug your shoulders barely and lock your elbows.

These are a number of the greatest compound workout routines you may full so as to construct muscle. Want extra muscle? Great! Get stronger at these actions!

One fast word: once I first began lifting, it took a whereas to construct up the energy to give you the chance to bench press or overhead press with the 45-lb bar. If your health club doesn’t have a lighter bar, dumbbells are a nice possibility!

Your mission, must you select to settle for it:

Commit to attempting ONE of those actions within the subsequent week. Use 20 seconds of courage, recruit a pal who has lifted or educated earlier than, and take a look at your greatest.

We know you can use this guide to start building muscle...you got this!

I’ve three choices for you subsequent:

  1. Select one of many muscle-building routines for ladies within the subsequent part.
  2. Build your own workout routine utilizing these workout routines!
  3. Work with me and our coaching program to comply with a customized energy coaching routine on your objectives.

5 Muscle Building Workout Routines For Women

No matter which version of wonder woman it is, she always knows the fastest way to build muscle (fight for justice).

I’m going to stroll you thru three completely different ranges of energy coaching, and by the tip of right now, you’re going to know precisely how to get began.

My recommendation: do 2-3 energy coaching routines per week, with 1-2 days off in between. As the saying goes: “muscle isn’t built in the gym, it’s built in the kitchen!”

The Swedish Chef knows how to eat to build muscle (lots of food), which is why he's always cooking.

So your aim must be to do a energy coaching routine, after which be sure you eat a caloric surplus in order that your physique has sufficient energy to rebuild your muscle tissue larger and stronger!


Here’s a beginner bodyweight training routine you are able to do within the consolation of your personal residence:

  • 20 Bodyweight squats.
  • 10 Push-ups.
  • 10 Walking lunges (every leg).
  • 10 Dumbbell rows (use a milk jug or different weight).
  • 15 Second Plank.
  • 30 Jumping jacks.

We even have a downloadable worksheet of this newbie’s exercise you can print out and hold in your fridge to observe your progress! Get it whenever you join beneath:


If you will have dumbbells at residence or entry to a health club, you may choose our Level 4 exercise from our 6-Level Gym Workout Routine.

So your Dumbbell Workout is 3 circuits of the next:

  • 10 goblet squats (holding the dumbbell like a goblet with 2 fingers):

The goblet squat is a great way to build muscle for women.

  • 10 push-ups (or knee push-ups):

This gif shows Staci doing a push-up in perfect form.

As you get lower, like this, the row will be harder to do. Great way to progress into a pull-up.

(By the way in which, these are two GREAT workout routines in direction of getting your first pull-up)


If you will have a Kettlebell at residence, right here’s a 20-Minute Beginner Kettlebell Workout you are able to do:

Do 3 circuits of this Kettlebell Workout: 

  • 8 Halos (either side)
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 8 Overhead Presses (either side)
  • 15 Kettlebell Swings
  • 8 Bent Over Rows (either side)
  • 6 Front Rack Reverse Lunge (per facet)

If you want this Kettlebell exercise and need to comply with alongside on a worksheet, merely print out our Kettlebell Workout and convey it with you:


Here’s a Barbell exercise you may comply with from our Level 5 Gym Workout Routine.


  • 3 units of 10 barbell squats

This gif shows Staci doing a push-up in perfect form.

  • 3 units of 10 body weight rows:

Start with inclined inverted rows for your pull-up workout. Then drop lower for more required effort.


  • 3 units of 5 barbell Romanian deadlifts (video pulled from our programs in Nerd Fitness Prime)

  • 3 units of 10 bench presses:

  • 3 units of 5 pull-ups, assisted pull-ups, or unfavorable pull-ups:

A box can be used instead of a chair for a pull-up.


The complete level is to do difficult actions that actually make your muscle tissue work, after which attempt to do ONE extra rep, or elevate a SLIGHTLY heavier weight subsequent time! 

Don’t sweat the small particulars and as a substitute use 20 seconds of courage to get began!

Track your workouts by writing down what you probably did, after which do what you may subsequent time.

If you actually need to stage up shortly, LEARN HOW TO DO SQUATS AND HOW TO DO DEADLIFTS. These two workout routines modified my life!

Squats and deadlifts helped me build muscle and changed my life.

“Staci, that’s still too many choices! Can you just tell me what workout routine to follow?”

Okay high quality! Here’s what I’d do if I used to be you.

Still overwhelmed? Check out our coaching program. We get to study your story, after which construct a program and technique round your objectives that you just CAN do.

Christina learned to do pull-ups with NF Coaching

10 Tips for Building Muscle as a Woman

This woman is on her way to build muscle and to find water.

I interviewed a number of different coaches on our crew and requested for his or her greatest recommendation on how to construct muscle as a girl.

Here’s what they mentioned:

Susy (Coach, BS in Psychology, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, 5+ years of expertise)

Tip #1: Food is your pal when you’re trying to construct muscle and get stronger – your physique will want gas, so you could want to eat extra on the times that you just work out!

Tip #2: Strength and muscle constructing requires construction to your exercises – you progress by way of getting higher at particular actions, so just remember to benefit from the model and construction of your exercises so as to be as constant as doable.

Tip #3: Your progress will at all times be quickest if you happen to keep away from harm, so appropriate type and listening to your physique is tremendous necessary. Your muscle tissue will fatigue and really feel sore, however joint ache and sharp, stabby ache means one thing isn’t shifting fairly proper.

Kerry (Coach, NASM-CPT, 6+ years of expertise)

Kerry is one of our great female coaches here at Nerd Fitness.

Tip #4: Fall in love with the method. Getting stronger is a journey, one that’s each rewarding and difficult. So irrespective of the place you might be ranging from, take the time to have fun every small step alongside the way in which in direction of a extra badass model of your self!

Christy (Coach, BS in Applied Health/Fitness, National Personal Training Institute Graduate, Precision Nutrition Certification, 6+ years of expertise)

Christy is one of our great coaches and loves everything Star Wars, as shown here.

Tip #5: To get sturdy, you gotta elevate weights. When lifting weights to get sturdy, you gotta be okay with testing your boundaries from time to time.

After exercising along with your present weight, for the subsequent coaching session…cease…and take a look at a few reps with the subsequent weight UP to try it out! It would possibly shock you ways a lot extra weight you may elevate!

Here are another suggestions to show you how to construct muscle.

Tip #6: Boost your testosterone naturally: Consume sufficient saturated and monounsaturated fat, preserve your sugar consumption low, and be sure you’re getting sufficient Vitamin D and Zinc.

These are gadgets linked with boosting your testosterone naturally.[12]

Speaking of testosterone – I do know you could consider this as a “male” hormone, however it performs a enormous half in girls muscle constructing,[13] fats loss,[14] improve bone mass,[15] and lots of different health-related points[16](keep in mind: estrogen is constituted of testosterone).

Yes, women need plenty of testosterone too.

Men make about ten to fifteen occasions what we make naturally,[17] however it doesn’t imply we don’t want it too.

Another approach we may help our testosterone ranges is to watch our cortisol ranges.

Cortisol is a hormone that’s promoted by stress and reduces free testosterone ranges (as well as to signaling on your physique to retailer fats).[18]

Want a approach to naturally decrease your cortisol ranges? Try meditation.[19]

Tip #7: Not getting larger? Eat extra meals.

Focus on extra fat and carbs. They are the simplest methods to improve your whole energy.

You can try our Guide to Build Muscle for extra particular tips about how to eat more food.

If you're not bulking up, eat more, like Kirby here!

Tip #8: Make positive each meal has a strong protein supply.

Protein is required for constructing muscle, so prioritize this above all else whenever you sit down to eat.

Having bother getting all of it down? Buy a blender!

A blender can help you obtain more calories for weight gain.

Steve drinks two smoothies a day to attain his protein objectives and you’ll try our Guide to Protein Shakes for his private recipe.

On the go together with no blender? I like to preserve protein powder with me in a small Ziploc bag – that approach I can seize a bottle of water, rip off the nook of the Ziploc bag, and use that as a funnel to get the powder into the water bottle. Then, simply exchange the cap and shake and also you’ve obtained a protein-filled snack!

Tip #9: Get more sleep! When you construct muscle, your physique is working additional time, burning additional energy. It’s going to want a while to recuperate. Remember, muscle is constructed whenever you relaxation, not whenever you truly elevate.

Go to mattress!

Tip #10: Start right now!

Gaining muscle comes down to consuming proper and energy coaching. Let’s get you lifting right now!

Try some push-ups and squats as we mentioned in our strength training section. Tomorrow we will work on eating right and lifting more.

The most necessary step you may take right now is to start.

Like Bugs here, we want you to start! No matter what you do, take one small step today!

Let’s provide you with some extra suggestions to get you going.

Building Muscle: Next Steps!

Climbing mountains is a great way to build muscle (man or woman).

If I can slender down constructing muscle for ladies, it will be three details:

  1. Get stronger by picking up heavy stuff or doing extra challenging bodyweight movements.
  2. Get larger by eating lots of food.
  3. Recover sooner by sleeping sufficient and giving your muscle tissue days off to rebuild.

That’s it. You can do that.

We know that you are ready to start your muscle building practice today!

If you made it this far, and also you need extra particular instruction and steering, now we have a few choices for you:

1) If you might be someone that desires to comply with a tailored program designed round their life and objectives, check out our popular 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program.

You’ll work with our licensed NF instructors who will get to know you higher than you realize your self, examine your type, and program your exercises and diet for you.

Nerd Fitness Coaching Banner

2) If you need an actual blueprint for rising sturdy, try NF Journey. Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra often, eat more healthy, and stage up your life (actually).

Try your free trial proper right here:

3) Join the Rebellion! We want good folks such as you in our group, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

Sign up within the field beneath to enlist and get our information, Strength Training 101: Everything You Need to Know. It’ll show you how to start your journey on constructing muscle.

Lastly, I’d love to hear from you!

PLEASE depart your questions, consuming or energy or in any other case beneath so we will reply them and change into greatest pals and apply karate kicks within the storage:

How can I show you how to get larger and stronger?

What a part of this journey are you continue to struggling probably the most with?

What are your favourite bulking up meals!?

Share with your folks within the feedback so we will all go purchase it in bulk at Costco.


PS: Make positive you try the remainder of our Strength Building Articles!


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