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How to Get In Shape Fast (in 4 Steps)

This step-by-step technique information will let you know all the pieces you want to do to shed extra pounds and get wholesome beginning at present.

I do know you’ve numerous questions, and I promise I’ll reply each single one among them (sure, even that one).

These are the precise methods we tailor to every 1-on-1 Online Coaching Clients, and I’m excited to share them with you at present.

In this information we’ll focus on:

Four straightforward steps to receive the Nerd Fitness “Triforce of Winning!”

“But Steve, ‘tri’ means three…”

…don’t fear about that, as a result of Triforce!

Nerd Fitness Triforce of Winning

Either method, you bought this.

You can learn our total philosophy beneath (which has helped a whole bunch of hundreds of individuals), and make it easier to get began at present!

Step 1: WHY Do You Want to Get In Shape? (Inspiration)

A LEGO doctor in a cape, who knows how to treat DOMS.

Let’s begin right here: WHY are you studying this information? 

Do you need to get in form to:

  1. Start courting once more?
  2. Win a weight reduction competitors at work?
  3. Eventually play along with your new child son?
  4. Grow previous along with your important different?
  5. Prove all people improper who stated “you can’t do it?”
  6. Because you simply need to look good bare?

Have a freaking motive, buddy!

Write it down, dangle it up in your bed room, tattoo it in your face, write it down on a chunk of paper and staple it to your brow.


Just hold that motive for wanting a greater life on the entrance of your thoughts always.

With our 1-on-1 Coaching Clients, we name this “Your Big Why.”

This motive goes to make it easier to hold going when it’s raining otherwise you’re drained otherwise you had a crappy day at work and also you simply need to binge-watch the Office and eat takeout.

In addition to having an excellent motive, many individuals get impressed by studying success tales of oldsters like them.

Luckily for you, we have now numerous these tales on Nerd Fitness with many extra to come. These are actual individuals who love video video games and books and work desk jobs (click on on every to hear their full story):


Leslie found her perfect workout.


A before and after of Jimmy, who turned himself into Spider-Man.





Christina started rocking pull-ups after Nerd Fitness Coaching

Maybe success tales aren’t your factor.

Completely comprehensible.

Instead, maybe you want to get your inspiration from barely nerdier articles out of your favourite tales:

Or possibly you’re a video fan! 

Well then, movies like these may make you need to run by means of brick partitions.

#1) Here’s a video that states “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

#2) Some ideas from the Terminator may get you motivated too:

#3) You may shed some tears of inspiration with this one:

…like to learn?

This article will make you want to start strength training today.

Why all of the give attention to inspiration and motivation?

Because getting in shape will never be “easy”.

The first week – when you’re excited – is enjoyable.

It’s the wet days and snow days and busy days at work while you DON’T need to work out that can resolve whether or not or not you truly get in form.


You can start building the habit of exercise

Unless you’ll find the self-discipline to push by means of these powerful days, it turns into simpler than ever to surrender on the first signal of resistance.

And the secret is “consistent adherence.”

In different phrases, not skipping a workout and persistently eating healthy.

Step 2: How to Eat (Nutrition)

If you need to get in form shortly, begin making barely higher meals selections!

80% of your success when it comes to getting wholesome will rely in your eating regimen – except you’re operating marathons each day, you can not outrun your fork, and you may’t out-train a foul eating regimen.

If you’re not losing weight, it’s since you’re consuming too many energy!

If you aren't losing weight it's because you're eating too much. Crap.

So, if you happen to can work on making SLIGHTLY higher meals selections, and filling up your plate with plenty of protein and vegetables, you’re much less seemingly to overeat energy!

Whether you need to count calories, lower out sure meals, or try a new diet altogether, that is an important step you’ll be able to take.

Here are some sources to stage up your vitamin:

Now, most individuals can’t follow dietary adjustments as a result of they struggle to make TOO many adjustments directly, their abdomen freaks out and so they run again to their consolation meals.

Sure, you are able to do issues just like the Keto Diet or Paleo Diet, however restrictive diets are actually powerful to follow for the long run.

And short-term adjustments create short-term outcomes! 

Getting in shape requires you to go when you don't feel like going

My recommendation? Pick one meals change each few weeks, and keep it up.

Here are some examples of vitamin changes you can also make to get in form:

These small adjustments can lead to massive successes in the long term.

I understand how altering your eating regimen could be overwhelming typically, and sticking with adjustments in the long run is de facto powerful.

It’s why we constructed a 10-level NF Diet that tells you precisely how to transition your eating regimen slowly so you’ll be able to shed extra pounds the suitable method and remodel your physique completely!

Step 3: What to Do For Exercise (Move!)

Let's learn how to get in shape!

Okay, so now try to be all fired up and impressed and pondering,

“Hey Steve, this Nerd Fitness stuff is cool. I’m ready to get in shape.”

Perf. Let’s get began.

A) Pick targets which can be SMART (particular, measurable, achievable, related, and well timed). 

Be extremely particular along with your targets in an effort to actively plan what steps are wanted to obtain these targets:

“I’m going to lose 25 pounds this year by going to the gym 3 times per week for the next 6 months.”

That’s an excellent purpose.

Alternatively, you can additionally work on a reoccurring behavior that can not directly assist your purpose.

EXAMPLE: “I’m going to walk to Mordor by walking a mile every day for a month. If I go for a walk, I win.”

This permits you to overview your day/week with a easy query: “Did I do what I set out to do?”

Whichever methodology you resolve, it’s essential to be deliberate in your actions:

  1. If you’re setting targets – be SUPER SPECIFIC, write them down, and plan them out.
  2. If you’re building new habits – add them to your calendar, set telephone alarms or alerts, and do them EVERY DAY.
  3. Understand that Rome wasn’t in-built a day, and Optimus Prime didn’t transform in one move. This is NOT a eating regimen, or a fast repair, however a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Don’t count on outcomes in a single day, or abs in two weeks. Slow, regular progress.

Next, we want to…

B) Identify your Kryptonite.

Think again to the final time(s) you tried to get in form and lose weight.

  • How profitable have been you?
  • How lengthy did you keep it up?
  • What made you fall off the wagon?

If you failed, congratulations!

You already know which “get in shape” methodology doesn’t work for you.

It’s merely the improper piece of the puzzle you’re attempting to remedy.

Getting in shape is like solving a puzzle.

They say the definition of madness is doing the identical factor time and again and anticipating totally different outcomes.

So except you take pleasure in not getting outcomes, don’t attempt to get in form the identical method you probably did final time…it AIN’T gonna work!

If you counted energy, ran on a treadmill, and did kickboxing and also you’re not pleased with the outcomes, it’s time to attempt one thing new.

Ask your self:

  • Did work get busy otherwise you went on trip?
  • Was it since you truly hated exercising?

Whatever it was, you want to decide a distinct technique this time.

C) Find an exercise that makes you content, and do it all the time.

  • Do you want to run? Awesome, do this (just do it right).
  • Do you want to carry weights? Awesome, make certain your workouts don’t suck.
  • Maybe you want yoga, or dodgeball, or Ultimate Frisbee, or mountaineering, or no matter!

If you inform me that “I don’t like to exercise,” then you definately simply haven’t discovered the exercise that makes you content but.

Here are 40 Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It.

We’re genetically designed to be energetic, so discover one thing you take pleasure in doing.

The start of a new activity, even a diet, can be very exciting as these apes know!

So if you happen to “don’t like exercise,” it’s time to attempt new issues till you discover one thing that you simply DO like.

Sign up for a brand new class, be part of your organization’s operating membership for a day, check out one thing in your basement or lounge, simply hold attempting new stuff till you discover one thing that you simply like.

And then do it as typically as you’ll be able to. As lengthy as you’re persistently beneath your daily caloric energy expenditure, you’ll shed extra pounds.

D) Supercharge your outcomes and build a great physique.

This Muppet knows strength training will help him gain muscle and lose weight.

And final however not least, learn how to get strong.

Getting stronger is among the BEST issues you are able to do to shed extra pounds and get in form.

Your physique processes calories differently when you are strength training in contrast to different types of train.

Coach Matt explains this in our video for physique recomposition:

If you need extra right here, try Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle (at the Same Time).

A fast clarification:

Your physique wants to burn further energy to rebuild all of the muscle mass you simply labored out throughout a energy coaching exercise.

Therefore, after resistance trainng, there will likely be fewer energy to go round to retailer as fats!

This leads to lower body fat percentage and tighter muscle mass.


Michael Scott would call strength training and healthy eating a win win win

My Advice: don’t overcomplicate issues.

Here is a basic beginner bodyweight workout at present that you are able to do in your personal house too:

Here are 8 more Home Workouts for you to wet your whistle with.

Oh, what’s that? You take pleasure in figuring out in a fitness center?

Great! Here are 6 Beginner Gym Workouts you can begin at present.

This little sheep is stoked you can lose weight and gain muscle with strength training.

And if you happen to want much more examples, listed below are 15 Circuit Training Workout Routines to observe too! 

To recap…

Here’s how to begin getting in form at present:

  1. Determine your goals or habits you need to set up.
  2. Determine why your previous attempts didn’t work.
  3. Pick a fun exercise that makes you content, and do it. So much.
  4. Get stronger than you have been yesterday.

If you’re overwhelmed on the very thought of how to get in form, I hear ya. 

From bootcamps to “What is CrossFit” to Weight Watchers to paleo to vegan to Klingon, how are you supposed to make sense of all this data to discover the suitable path?

The reality is that there’s no ONE path that works for everyone.

So, if you would like a coach to construct a exercise program and eating regimen plan that’s particular to YOUR distinctive state of affairs, try our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program.

Nerd Fitness Coaching Ad

Step 4: Who is On Your Squad? (Support)

Your squad will be important for getting in shape.

Last however not least, you want assist.

Yes, I perceive it’s type of enjoyable to be a military of 1: the lone ranger attempting to succeed towards insurmountable odds….but it surely’s not vital.

Once you resolve to get in form, need to know one of the simplest ways to assure success? 

Here are 5 methods to discover assist whereas getting in form:

#1) Consider making it public.

  • Tell your pals, begin a weblog, and/or inform your co-workers and ask them to hold you accountable!
  • Unless you want being known as a quitter, you’ll in all probability suppose twice about skipping out in your exercises.
  • Maybe your phrase isn’t your bond, and also you want a distinct type of motivation and assist to succeed.

#2) Put your cash the place your mouth is.

My buddy Saint stated he would pay his associates $500 if he didn’t get in completely unimaginable form for his marriage ceremony six months down the street.

Saint didn’t have $500 to lose, so he determined as an alternative to simply get in nice form…and it worked.

Saint bet a friend he could get a six-pack.

#3) Build your personal Jedi Council.

Find people who find themselves:

There may even be a droid on the market you’re on the lookout for…

Obi Wan Says You Should Have a Jedi Council

These are folks you can flip to while you want recommendation or assist. If you don’t know anyone in actual life, hold studying…

#4) Find a workout buddy, hire a trainer, or hire a coach!

There are going to be days while you need to sleep in and skip your exercise. There will likely be afternoons following a crappy day of labor the place all you need to do is play Halo.

Find any individual who’s at an identical stage of health as you, and work out with them!

He/she is going to push you on days while you’re dragging, and vice versa.

You can encourage and assist one another, feed off of one another’s success, and provide up powerful love when the complaining will get an excessive amount of (and sure, there will likely be complaining).

Now, let’s say you’re the ONE individual in your group of associates that desires to get in form.

Or you’re the one individual in your workplace who doesn’t stuff his face every single day. Maybe you don’t have anyone to flip to for assist or recommendation…

Welp, we’ve acquired you lined: 

The Nerd Fitness community – a persistently wonderful, all the time inspiring, by no means judgmental group of people that need nothing greater than to make it easier to succeed.

I’ve by no means been extra excited and proud to be a part of a group.

Or if you would like to take it to the subsequent stage…

#5) Join our coaching program: If you just like the lower of our jib, take into account hiring one among our nerdy trainers to hold you accountable and reply any questions you’ve.

I’ve been working with a web-based coach for 4+ years now and it’s the best money I spend each month.

Real Talk: How Quickly can I get in Shape? How Fast Can I lose Weight?

A LEGO going very fast on their mountain bike.

Today is the primary day of the remainder of your life.

Pick a purpose that you simply hope to accomplish within the subsequent 30 days after which begin working in direction of it.

Keep it easy however particular, and get began at present.

But I do know your subsequent query:

“How fast can I get in shape, Steve?” 

We have a full article right here answering that question, however I’ll provide the brief trustworthy reply right here:

You can count on to lose round 1-2 kilos per week safely if you happen to begin decreasing your calorie consumption (80% of the equation) and shifting extra (20% of the equation).

I do know there are absurd diets just like the Military Diet that says “Lose 10 pounds in 7 days!” But don’t consider it.

Temporary adjustments create short-term outcomes

And our purpose is for you to be barely more healthy at present than you have been yesterday.

And then more healthy and happier subsequent 12 months in contrast to this 12 months.

It means try to be pondering when it comes to Years and Days, not weeks and months:

Instead of asking “How quickly can I lose weight?” as an alternative ask “What do I need to do to build the right habits NOW so they become automatic LATER?”

Join the Rebellion – begin fixing your vitamin with small adjustments at present.

If you simply completed studying these 2,500 phrases and also you’re nonetheless overwhelmed, you’re not alone! 

This stuff overwhelms the very best of us. If you’re on the lookout for a bit extra hands-on instruction, otherwise you actually need the peace of thoughts figuring out that you simply’re doing the proper program, I acquired ya!

We have three choices which have each helped hundreds upon hundreds of individuals such as you get began:

#1) Most concerned: Our 1-on-1 coaching program the place a NF coach will get to study your state of affairs, your way of life, and your expertise, after which construct a exercise program and dietary technique that matches into your busy life.

We get to know you higher than you already know your self, and we’ve acquired the outcomes to show it! Consider checking out our coaching program if you happen to’re on the lookout for that subsequent stage of professional steering and accountability.

#2) Go-At-Your-Own-Pace, Do It Yourself: Nerd Fitness Journey. This is our app that permits you to get in form whereas constructing your personal superhero..

Tons of body weight exercise plans (no fitness center required), a dietary program that received’t make any scary adjustments, video demonstrations workouts, boss battles, every day wins, and group challenges!

Oh, and also you’ll earn XP and obtain loot the entire time.

Sign up in your free trial proper right here:

And don’t overlook to…

#3) Join the Rebellion! We want good folks such as you in our group, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. You’ll meet people who’re making an attempt to get in form the first time or the fiftieth time, all who need to higher themselves alongside of you. 

Sign up within the field beneath to enlist and get our Rebel Starter Kit, which incorporates all of our “work out at home” guides, the Nerd Fitness Diet Cheat Sheet, and rather more!

Big issues come from small beginnings, so decide the tiniest change or motion you’ll be able to take to get began, after which repeat that every single day.

As you begin to construct the behavior, you’ll be able to improve the ‘difficulty’ and check out one thing a bit tougher, but it surely all begins with behavior constructing.

Educate your self, discover your inspiration, and create your assist group. 

Welcome to the Rebellion.

Any questions?



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