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How to Improve Flexibility (in 30 Days)

You’re right here since you need to learn the way to enhance your flexibility.

Well, you’ve arrived on the proper place!

We work one-on-one with our shoppers to assist enhance common mobility. Today, we’ll share with you the three greatest workouts to accomplish that.

If you’ve all the time thought of your self “inflexible,” you want this information!

Here’s what we’ll cowl at this time:

I promise you, in case you observe the movies in our information, you’ll be extra versatile in 30 days.

Let’s get flexible!

What Are the three Best Flexibility Exercises? (Intro and Benchmark Test)

The above video comes from Nerd Fitness Prime, kicking off our 30-day problem “Flexibility for the Inflexible.”

In it, Nerd Fitness Coach Matt discusses the instruments he makes use of for bettering mobility together with his shoppers. 

The 3 Best Exercises to Improve Flexibility:

  1. The Toe Touch
  2. The Back Scratch
  3. The Butterfly Stretch

Let’s go over every of those strikes now.

#1) Toe Touch

While standing, Coach Matt reaches for his toes, which is a great flexibility exercise.

To carry out a standing toe contact:

  • Stand straight together with your legs about hip-width aside. You need your legs to be straight, however don’t aggressively lock out your knees both (this appears like a “microbend” to lots of people).
  • Begin by bending and leaning ahead in direction of the bottom together with your quads (entrance of your legs).
  • Let your physique relaxation naturally, as in case you had been a ragdoll. Keeping your arms comparatively shut collectively, straighten your fingers and start to stretch down slowly to the bottom.

The aim right here, in the end, will likely be to contact your toes. 

We even have a whole information on How to Finally Touch Your Toes for extra. 

#2) Back Scratch

Coach Matt taking his left arm "low " behind him, and his right arm "high" behind him, for this flexibility exercise.

To carry out a again scratch:

  • Take a snug seat (or stand), together with your torso and again tall.
  • Tuck your thumbs within your fist.
  • Place your proper hand behind your head, down again over your shoulder. Reach as far down the center of your again as potential, palm going through you. 
  • Your different arm (left) goes to go behind and up, together with your palm going through away. Reach this hand towards your higher hand (don’t pressure).
  • Switch arms and reverse the second. 

Over time, we’re going to work to carry your arms nearer collectively.

#3) Butterfly Stretch

In this flexibility stretch, shown by Coach Matt, you sit down with your feet facing you in front. Try to keep your knees down.

To carry out a butterfly stretch:

  • Take a seat, together with your legs going through out in entrance of you.
  • Bring each of your entrance toes collectively, with the bottoms touching, by bending your knees away from one another.
  • Grab each toes together with your arms, together with your elbows coming down towards your knee (they don’t have to contact). 
  • Keep your again straight, and permit your knees to come down (if they’ll, don’t power it).

The aim right here will likely be to carry your knees decrease and toes nearer to your groin, however don’t fret if that is difficult. Even Coach Matt has hassle with butterfly stretches. 

Why these three workouts?

Coach Matt refers to the toe contact, again scratch, and butterfly stretch as “benchmarks.”

If you have got first rate mobility in these three workouts, you’re most likely fairly versatile.

This dog appears to be more flexible than this woman, which is hilarious.

Improving these will likely be our mission for the subsequent 30 days! 

Each week, Coach Matt will present three completely different video routines with workouts designed to goal these particular benchmarks. 

So in Week 1, you’ll discover a video for:

  • Toe Touches
  • Back Scratches
  • Butterfly Stretches

You can do these movies unexpectedly if you need, or break them up all through your week.

Maybe you do a routine Monday, Wednesday, after which on Friday.

We’ll finish this information with some recommendations on beginning a recurring follow.

At the top of our 4-week collection, we’ll examine in, to see how the whole lot is coming alongside.

Here’s what we’d like you to do proper now: document the place you might be with these strikes.

  • How far down are you able to attain together with your toe contact?
  • How far aside are your arms in the course of the again scratch?
  • How shut are your toes and the way excessive up are your knees in the course of the butterfly stretch?

Coach Matt recommends a couple of methods to measure these benchmarks within the introductory video above, however even some subjective monitoring could be helpful:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, this move was tough, so I’d give it an 8.”

Don’t neglect about this preliminary monitoring, even in case you don’t have a measuring tape. Just undergo the preliminary benchmark exams one of the best you may.

Before we leap into the collection itself, let’s focus on some common suggestions and tips for bettering flexibility.

Tips and Tricks for Increased Flexibility

A pic of the Avengers as LEGOs, and I would imagine, the Hulk is the least flexible of the bunch.

First and foremost, all our bodies are completely different.

You may need an amazing vary of movement in your again scratch, however can’t get a lot vary in your toe contact. Or possibly you’re like Coach Matt, the place butterfly stretches are difficult. 

Our aim right here is to enhance YOUR flexibility. We’ll all have completely different mobility ranges on Day 1.

All of us have to begin someplace, so don’t stress in case you really feel rigid…

This gif from the Big Bang Theory shows Sheldon not being able to touch his toes.

…that’s why you’re studying this information.

No matter what, by going by this course of, you’ll study extra about your physique and develop instruments for rising your vary of movement.

Next up…

Coach Matt highlights two common methods to enhance your flexibility:

  1. Function. This is your method and consciousness of your flexibility. Think of this as maximizing the potential of your present physique.
  2. Structure. This could be your physique itself, and the vary of movement of muscle tissue, tendons, and so on. Structure is about altering your physique itself by these flexibility workouts.

You’re most likely not going to enhance the structural flexibility of your physique after one stretching session. These issues take time

However, you very effectively could enhance your flexibility by bettering your operate or method. As you undergo the movies, Coach Matt will provide directions on how to place your physique for correct stretching. 

This alone could very effectively enhance your vary of movement.

We’ll even be utilizing three particular motion instruments for bettering flexibility:

#1) Active Range of Motion

This could be doing the whole motion of an train, fluidly.

So a traditional body weight squat could be an lively vary of movement in case you did the complete motion:

Do a proper bodyweight squat to work out your legs

By going all the way in which down and again up together with your squat, your muscle tissue are engaged evenly all through.

#2) Pulses

This motion has you stopping at a selected level of an train, like the underside of a squat, and slowly and in management, pulsing barely up and down:

Shifting up and down during your squat, ever so slightly, is a pulse, which will help improve flexibility.

You’re actually solely transferring about an inch right here on your pulses.

This will enable you to achieve management of that specific space.

#3) Holds

As the title would recommend, right here you’ll maintain the place at a particular level of the train. 

For instance, on your squats, you could pause on the backside of the motion:

Here, Coach Matt pauses at the bottom of his squat, which will help improve flexibility.

This may also help you develop stability throughout a selected stretch.

During the course of the subsequent 4 weeks, we’ll be using a mixture of lively vary of movement, pulses, and holds, to enhance your flexibility.

And with that, onto week 1!

How to Improve Your Flexibility: Week 1

This is a mix and match photo, of a stormtrooper and ninja turtle, which probably makes him pretty flexible.

For our first week, Coach Matt goes to begin us off gradual.

Here, it’s all about studying the foundations of the motion. 

To enhance flexibility, it typically comes down to correctly establishing the stretch.

We’ll start by instructing you the fundamentals. 

Toe Touch Week 1:

Back Scratch Week 1:

Butterfly Series Week 1:

How to Improve Your Flexibility: Week 2

For this LEGO to look over the edge like this, he's probably a little flexible.

This week, we’re going to establish the sting of your flexibility.

We gained’t push or pressure ourselves an excessive amount of, however we’ll use our breath as an indication of problem.

The aim right here is to perceive how versatile you may very well be (you may have the option to attain farther than you suppose). 

However, as Coach Matt will repeatedly reminds, if it feels unsafe, DON’T DO IT!

Toe Touch Week 2:

Back Scratch Week 2:

Butterfly Series Week 2:

How to Improve Your Flexibility: Week 3

Two LEGOs are together, one flying away. Is the other flexible enough to catch him?

In Week 3, it’s all about exploring and increasing your flexibility workouts.

We’ll be testing your actions and start fascinated with methods to “go off the rails” somewhat right here and there.

In our third spherical of workouts, you’ll start altering, adapting, and remixing the strikes to enhance your vary of movement.

With flexibility, some creativity is usually a good factor, which will likely be your focus for this stage.

Toe Touch Week 3:

Back Scratch Week 3:

Butterfly Series Week 3:

How to Improve Your Flexibility: Week 4

I imagine the Monkey King shown here can touch his toes pretty easily.

In the final week of “Flexibility for the Inflexible,” it’s all about constructing energy.

Muscle will enable you to maintain and increase mobility positions, so this week Coach Matt covers workouts designed to couple energy together with your flexibility.

We’ll even combine in some weights into your routine right here.

Toe Touch Week 4:

Back Scratch Week 4:

Butterfly Series Week 4:

Next Steps for Becoming More Flexible

The video above is a “re-cap party” with Coach Matt, ending the 30-day Flexibility for the Inflexible problem we ran for Nerd Fitness Prime members.

Let’s go over some highlights.

#1) Continue to check and retest your flexibility benchmarks. 

That which will get measured will get improved, so proceed to observe your toe contact, again scratch, and butterfly stretch. 

Remember, these exams don’t want to be some exact measurement rounded to the closest millimeter (though if you need to do this, have at it). 

Instead, they are often subjective: 

“This is really tough, I can’t bring down my knees at all.” 


“I could probably sit like this for 15 minutes.”

This cat here, for sure practices flexibility.

Don’t stress out over how exact your measurements are, however do maintain a document of how these stretches really feel. It’ll assist us know in case you’re bettering. 

#2) Use your breath as a information.

Breathing can typically be a sign of excretion ranges:

  • If your breath is calm and regular, what you’re doing is inside your consolation vary.
  • If you’re huffing and puffing loads, and even holding your breath, you’re most likely exerting your self an excessive amount of.

As Coach Matt highlights, throughout your flexibility workouts, don’t push too far previous your consolation zone.

Yes, we should always discover your edge, however we additionally need you to really feel in management throughout your stretches so you may actually “own” the motion. 

If you end up having to catch your breath, it might be an indication you’ve gone too far. 

If you end up panting and sweating like this, you may have gone too far with your flexibility exercises.

Be conscious of your respiratory throughout our flexibility workouts. 

#3) You don’t have to stretch on daily basis.

You most likely seen that we offered three 20 minute movies per week to assist enhance your flexibility.

This was intentional, since you don’t have to stretch on daily basis to enhance your vary of movement.

Truth be informed, you don’t even want to do 20-minute sequences thrice every week to enhance flexibility. Even simply 10 minutes of flexibility workouts a few occasions per week might enhance your mobility.

Just make it habitual.

To accomplish that, you may proceed to observe the movies on this information, or I’ve another sources for you to take a look at.

Here are three extra guides for bettering your flexibility:

  • 21 Yoga Poses for Beginners. Yoga is usually a nice follow to enhance your flexibility. If you’ve by no means tried it earlier than, take a look at our information. We’ll present video sequences designed for learners, so don’t fear when you’ve got no clue what a downward canine is. We’ll train you.
  • Three Full-Body Stretching Routines to Cool Down. After a exercise, a superb stretch may be the right method to decrease your coronary heart price. Our information will give you three completely different routines to carry out after your exercise (or each time) so you can begin bettering your flexibility.
  • How to Touch Your Toes. Since the toe contact is the go-to benchmark to see how versatile you might be, we’ve got a whole information on getting you there. If you’ve all the time dreamed of having the ability to attain your little piggy wiggies, begin right here.

The most necessary factor you are able to do now?

Get to it!

If you wanna win a race, you need to start it!

You’re not going to get any extra versatile by studying articles on-line, so choose a sequence from at this time and get going! 

Start with the Flexibility for the Inflexible Week 1 movies in case you’re uncertain the place to start.

If you want our model right here at Nerd Fitness, I’ve three nice choices on how one can proceed your journey with us:

Option #1) If you desire a skilled coach in your pocket, who can do video kind checks, present suggestions, and regulate your exercises primarily based in your expertise stage, take a look at our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program

For instance, let’s say you have got an outdated harm and couldn’t carry out certainly one of our flexibility workouts. A Nerd Fitness Coach can work with you to create a personalized routine on your precise state of affairs. 

Personally, I’ve been working with the identical on-line coach since 2015 and it’s modified my life. You can study extra by clicking on the field under: 

Option #2) Exercising at residence and want a plan to observe? Check out Nerd Fitness Journey!

Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra regularly, eat more healthy, and stage up your life (actually).

Plus, you may participate in flexibility challenges alongside a gaggle of nerds who’re all attempting to higher themselves!

Try your free trial proper right here:

Option #3) Become a part of the Rebellion! We want good individuals such as you in our group, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

Sign up within the field under to enlist and get our Rebel Starter Kit, which incorporates all of our “work out from home” guides.

Alright, now I would like to hear from you! 

Did you attempt our “Flexibility for the Inflexible” collection?

Did you discover any of the workouts simpler or more durable than the others?

Any suggestions or tips to assist the “inflexible”?

Let me know within the feedback!


P.S. Personally, I’ve discovered a yoga follow to be extremely useful in bettering my mobility.

You can learn A Nerd’s Guide to Yoga to get began.


Photo Source: Evgeniy Pavlovski © 123RF.com, LEGO Marvel Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper, Maybe the droids we’re looking for are at the bottom of this pool, Hold onto your hat, Monkey King



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