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How Ukraine is spending crypto donations – TechCrunch

Ukraine’s official Twitter account has been sharing cryptocurrency wallet addresses for the previous few days to boost funds in the course of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As I previously reported, it appears possible that the Ukrainian authorities is in command of the funds obtained on these pockets addresses as a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation confirmed that “these accounts are state-owned.”

But what are the objectives with these crypto donations and what’s going to be bought with these funds? Because of the character of blockchains, it’s straightforward to observe the crypto transactions, as much as a sure level. You can enter the general public addresses right into a blockchain explorer to see the listing of incoming and outgoing transactions.

For occasion, on the Ethereum blockchain, most outgoing transactions go to Kuna, a cryptocurrency exchanged based mostly in Kyiv.

“Kuna.io is providing technical support for the Ukrainian fundraise,” a Kuna spokesperson advised me in an e-mail on Monday. “All funds are safe and are being directed for the government need as requested.”

But as soon as funds are uploaded to an change, they change into more durable to hint. That’s why I’ve requested a number of inquiries to Kuna founder Michael Chobanian. He advised me extra about Kuna’s function within the crypto donation setup and the Ukrainian authorities’s motivations.

Chobanian confirmed that he just lately created a Twitter account to share details about the donations. “That’s right, it’s my account — recently created. Twitter is not really popular in this part of the world because it’s mainly an English community. I created it because we have to talk to the world,” he stated.

Today at 12 PM, Kyiv time, Chobanian shared two screenshots. More than $31 million has been raised for the “crypto fund of Ukraine” (that’s the pockets addresses shared by @Ukraine on Twitter) and round $17 million has been raised in a special fund.

“We have two funds. First, we launched our own fund and then the government saw that it’s been working well. We’ve been approached by the Ministry of Digital Transformation to help them create a government fund. So we created a government fund as well,” Chobanian stated.

The addresses of every fund are shared by way of totally different channels. “Right now we have two funds. The one on Twitter is the government fund and the one on Telegram and other social media is a Kuna fund,” he added.

Funding Ukraine’s navy finances

What Michael Chobanian calls “the government fund” is nonetheless managed by Kuna. But he says that Kuna acts on behalf of the federal government and doesn’t have a say in regards to the crypto belongings.

“We are the technical provider. Basically, we are acting as the crypto bank for these funds. We collect, we make sure that the money is clean. Then, depending on the requirements for payments and currencies, we either convert or pay directly,” Chobanian stated.

“The purpose of this fund is for the military. It’s operated pretty much by the military with the help of the Ministry of Transformation. There, the money is spent on special goods that are being imported. They go directly to the army or special forces. What exactly are they buying? I can’t tell you for obvious reasons. I’m not sure whether the government will actually disclose what we bought because it’s obviously a secret,” Chobanian stated.

As for Kuna’s different fund that is shared on Telegram and different social networks, the aim is a bit totally different. “For my fund, we are buying drones, we are buying petrol, we are feeding people, we are paying for transportation to evacuate people from the most dangerous places like Kyiv and Kharkiv,” Chobanian stated. “We also supply the regular army and […] regular people who come out and get guns from the government,” he added.

Buying provides in crypto

Interestingly, cryptocurrencies aren’t simply used to boost cash by way of the web. Kuna doesn’t convert all these crypto belongings to fiat currencies.

“We keep it in crypto until we understand where we’re paying, how much we’re paying and whether people are happy to receive crypto. Ninety percent of payments are done in crypto only,” Chobanian stated.

But if somebody must be paid in fiat currencies, Kuna can convert crypto belongings and ship cash to financial institution accounts. “We are paying in crypto, we are paying in euros, in dollars — all kinds of transactions that are required in order to facilitate the needs of the funds,” Chobanian stated.



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