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India’s policies should be pro-innovation: NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant

India’s coverage regime should be pro-innovation, mild contact and progressive if it desires its entrepreneurs to develop and prosper, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant mentioned, although challenges of cyber safety, land acquisition and big pendency of court docket instances stay.

“My view is that your policy regime should be pro-innovation, light touch and progressive. You should benchmark yourself against the world’s best and even better than the world’s best,” he mentioned on Tuesday.

According to Kant, India is creating three unicorns a month and this has been potential as a result of younger entrepreneurs are tapping into large knowledge out there and utilizing it to technologically leapfrog.

“The challenge, as we grow along, will be the challenge of cybersecurity and India needs to equip itself for cybersecurity. Indians will trust the digital means,” Kant mentioned.

“India needs to really work a lot on cyber security so that we are ready to meet future challenges and that’s critical to my mind,” he added.

Kant was talking on The Growth Trinity – Digital Innovation, Sustainability, Social Balance on the Microsoft Future Challenge, the flagship occasion of Microsoft India.

Talking concerning the challenges being confronted by entrepreneurs in buying land, Kant mentioned, the one manner you’ll be able to resolve your land points is utilizing satellites for land information. “You need new technologies. Geographical maps is what you need to do and India has liberalized that regime.”

Vouching for liberal use of drones, Kant mentioned, “Controlling drones is not the solution. You need to liberalize this because that’s the area of the future,” he mentioned, including you’ll want to deal with rogue drones via a separate anti-drone coverage.

Reiterating that the big variety of pending judicial instances in India is because of lack of technology and unavailability of land knowledge, Kant mentioned the Indian judicial system should embrace know-how in a giant manner.

“I don’t think it’s physically or humanly possible to bring down cases without two simple things. The number of cases cannot be reduced without using artificial intelligence and machine learning,” he mentioned.

“Also, we need to crack this huge challenge of availability of land records as 70% of the cases in India relate to land. Therefore, we need to use satellite data for land,” Kant added.

Talking about India’s transition to scrub vitality together with inexperienced hydrogen, Kant mentioned India has set bold targets for itself and should actually use photo voltaic vitality to crack water and create inexperienced hydrogen.

“The important thing to understand is that the Western world took 40 to 71 years to move from peaking to net zero. We are going to do this in a very, very short period. And therefore, India’s targets are really ambitious and audacious and India can only do this by really making a massive technological jump,” he added.



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