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Jan. 6 hearings ‘are going to blow the roof off the House,’ Rep. Raskin says

On a Thursday Zoom call with progressive activists, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., mentioned that the upcoming hearings by the Jan. 6 choose committee probing the riot at the U.S. Capitol staged by supporters of former President Donald Trump will “blow the roof off the House.”

“We are going to do everything we can to subpoena all the information we need and to enforce our subpoenas. But even if we don’t get every last person in there, we are going to have hearings that I believe will be compared to the Watergate hearings, because they are going to blow the roof off the House in terms of explaining to America what actually happened in the attack on our democracy,” Raskin, who sits on the choose committee, advised an viewers of roughly 40,000 individuals who watched his remarks on Facebook. 

While former Trump administration figures and supporters have defied subpoenas for data and testimony, Raskin mentioned the committee had spoken with greater than 400 witnesses to date who’ve already laid the groundwork for explosive hearings. 

“I hope everybody will watch and I hope everybody will discuss it and then it will lead to a report that, I hope again, will be a game changer in terms of American history,” Raskin mentioned. 

In response to questions on holding Trump personally accountable for pushing the disproven declare that he misplaced the 2020 presidential election due to voter fraud, which served as the motivation for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, Raskin promised “a reckoning.”

“But you know, the guy’s a walking crime wave, and he has committed crimes all over the country, including sexual harassment and assault on a lot of people. There’s bank fraud and there’s real estate fraud and there’s tax fraud,” Raskin mentioned. 

“And there are prosecutors all over the country, looking at all that stuff. I don’t want us to fetishize Donald Trump that much — he will meet you know, his maker, one place or another, there will be accountability and a reckoning with the law.”


Rep. Jamie Raskin. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call through Getty Images)

The committee has already made headlines by releasing textual content messages it has obtained that it says present that Fox News host Sean Hannity “had advance knowledge regarding President Trump’s and his legal team’s planning for January 6th,” and that Ivanka Trump had urged her father to cease the violence at the Capitol. 

The committee additionally mentioned this week that it had interviewed Trump supporter Ray Epps and launched an announcement that tried to discredit the assertion made by some conservatives that he was performing as an FBI agent or informant when encouraging individuals to enter the Capitol. Epps appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted listing shortly after the Jan. 6 riot, solely to be later eliminated, a indisputable fact that some Republicans say factors to his involvement with the FBI. 

“I’m not certain the FBI is totally competent with everything, but I’m totally certain that they would not be so incompetent as to put their own agent on the most-wanted list,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, considered one of two Republicans serving on the committee, told Yahoo News

The Jan. 6 choose committee has been conducting its investigation for practically seven months, and plans to maintain televised primetime hearings to lay out its findings in the coming months. Raskin mentioned he understood that many Republicans have been merely making an attempt to “run out the clock” on the investigation till the midterm elections, when many political observers anticipate the Democrats to lose management of the House and, because of this, the Jan. 6 committee. 

For now, although, Raskin, who served as a supervisor throughout Trump’s second impeachment, sounded assured that the hearings that have been quickly to start would have an effect. 

“This is the most bipartisan committee I’ve ever been on, with a great Democratic chair and a great Republican vice chair and what I see is constitutional patriots working every single day and every single evening to get the truth out to the American people before it’s too late.”



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