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Jimmy Kimmel Hits Donald Trump Jr. With The 2024 Campaign Ad Of His Nightmares

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Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson slams network for pushing ‘fake news’

On CNN’s Democracy in Peril Thursday, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson spoke concerning the present situations at her former community. Carlson first touched on the ability opinion host Tucker Carlson seemingly has over Republicans in Congress, saying it’s the results of pretend information, then went on to lament the flip Fox News has taken. “Slowly but surely, this has morphed into eradicating any other point of view since the Trump era that is not just opinion,” Carlson stated. “It’s gone from an opinion, which was fine, to completely devolving into non fact-based conspiracy theories and outright dangerous rhetoric in my mind, and I think it’s a complete disservice to our country.” Carlson additionally addressed a narrative that received little or no airtime, if any, on Fox News, that being that Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham every despatched texts to the White House in the course of the January 6 rebel on the Capitol pleading for former President Trump to place a cease to the violence, then occurring air and spinning a distinct narrative. “I think the bigger story coming out of that is how disingenuous it was to be sending those texts of warning while then going on the air to the American people and doing a complete injustice and disservice by saying something completely opposite,” Carlson stated, “and ginning up this whole reaction that it was just fine and patriotic for people to be there on January 6th.”



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