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Lost bull steers clear of danger despite wandering onto butchers’ property

This bull turned up close to Glenville Packing on Heinle Road Tuesday. His house owners are being sought.

First, the dangerous information: A wandering bull traveled by snowy woods and ended up on the property of a stranger – who occurs to personal a customized butchering enterprise.

The excellent news, at the very least for the misplaced bull, is that the enterprise house owners are animal lovers.

“We do not know the place this fellow got here from,” said Morgan Keets, who with her husband, Andrew, own Glenville Packing, 1680 Heinle Road. “But he was simply standing there subsequent to the barn.”

At first, Morgan Keets thought one of her family’s bulls might have gotten loose.

“The neighbors’ canine we seen was barking and I could not determine why this canine was going loopy, so I walked round and I’m like, ‘Stop barking,'” she said. “And I regarded and there stood this bull. And I’m like, ‘Did we now have an animal get out?'”

This owners of Glenville Packing are housing the bull temporarily while a search for its owners continues.

This owners of Glenville Packing are housing the bull temporarily while a search for its owners continues.

But all the animals being kept for processing were in the barn and accounted for, her husband told her.

“I knew any individual was most likely lacking this fellow,” she said of the bull, which is mostly black with a white face and other white markings.

“If any individual is utilizing him for breeding, we positively did not need him to get harm, as a result of he is a nice-looking bull,” Morgan said.

With help from neighbors and Crawford County sheriff’s deputies, they were able to get the animal into a neighbor’s barn late Tuesday, she said. It was still in there on Wednesday, as the search for its owner continued.

It’s possible that someone dropped the animal off for processing without calling ahead, but that seemed unlikely, Morgan said — they have no records of an animal being expected and access to the barn was blocked by another vehicle at the time.

“It’s simply odd that he confirmed up right here, however there’s tracks all the best way again by the woods, so he got here from someplace — we simply do not know the place,” she said.

The farmers who are housing the bull can only keep it for a while — feed is expensive, Keets explained.

Anyone with data on the bull’s house owners is requested to name Glenville Packing, 419-562-7171.



This article initially appeared on Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum: Neighbors help corral wayward bull; now owner is being sought



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