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Metriport helps you take your quantified self to the next increment – TechCrunch

Along comes Metriport, which aggregates all of your quantified-self knowledge in a single place, and provides intelligent options like temper monitoring, drugs monitoring and journaling. All your knowledge lives regionally on your system to defend your privateness, and the app can discover correlations in your knowledge to assist you change into a greater you.

Counting energy, summing steps, measuring your temper, proportioning your purchases, sizing your sleep span and enumerating the extent of your train — the quantified-self motion is changing into simpler as our smartwatches, computer systems and different logging instruments take a few of the work off our arms. There’s a problem, although: If you’re an obsessive tracker, you are working half a dozen apps that don’t speak to one another, and recognizing patterns in the knowledge may be laborious. Does your interval have an effect on how sore you are after working? Does your temper have an effect on how a lot you eat? Is there a correlation between how a lot espresso you drink or how a lot you stroll and the high quality of your sleep? Metriport can monitor it and carry the veil on patterns that hitherto have been opaque.

“We see this as the Swiss Army knife of tracking apps. Gone are the days where you need seven different apps for tracking — one for mood tracking, one for journaling, one for period tracking, one for health — With Metriport we put it all together in one privacy focused-platform, built around the concept of your personal data dashboard,” says Colin Elsinga, co-founder at Metriport. “So far, we built Metriport with no outside investment. My friend Dima and I have known each other since middle school; we are both developers and we’ve had a passion for health and fitness — mental health, especially. We were both using a lot of different tracking apps, and found them quite limiting.”

The firm is rejecting utilizing advert monitoring applied sciences, and shops all person knowledge encrypted and regionally on the system — even the builders can’t get to your knowledge. The firm additionally presents a premium plan, the place it’s doable to retailer your knowledge on their servers.

“Our cloud backups enables you to keep your data in case you lose your phone or want to move to a new device. You can opt out of that if you don’t want your data on our servers, and in any case, it is all encrypted. No one will ever see your data except for you,” says Elsinga. “We’ve done a lot of things that may be at the expense of our own marketing — we want to be as transparent as possible with that to let people know they’re in full control here.”

The firm is bootstrapped to date, however suggests that after their person quantity begins climbing, they might develop a plan that requires extra cash and a few enterprise funding.

“Growth is sort of a big goal for us, in terms of the actual product itself. We are working on a lot of exciting new features: In fact, we pushed an update live today that includes weather tracking. I have suffered from chronic migraines my whole life and now I can finally start tracking whether atmospheric pressure has an impact on my headache. I can just run the correlations insight and see whether it has a significant impact.”

It’s nonetheless early days for Metriport, however the crew is off to a formidable begin with its iOS and Android apps. In addition to all the commonplace, built-in measurements and knowledge synchronizations, you can create your personal customized measurements — severity of migraine, variety of pancakes eaten, minutes of piano performed — that may then be included in the correlations monitoring.



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