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Missouri health director out for being pro-vaccine

You understand how opponents of public health, and likewise, apparently, of excellent sense and lengthy lives, all the time fake that it’s simply mandates they oppose, moderately than lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines themselves?

Then how is it that Missouri Republicans have blocked the state Senate affirmation of our new state health director? He’s out as a result of, although he doesn’t even assist mandates, he does need of us to guard themselves towards the pandemic.

Donald Kauerauf, the previous Illinois public health official who’s been our appearing health director since September, gained’t be confirmed now. As The Star’s information story put it, he’s misplaced his job “over the perception that he was pressing too hard for vaccination.”

Can’t have that.

Parson may and will resubmit his nomination subsequent week, however isn’t doing that. Because he gained’t arise towards the misinformation that’s killing Missourians, that’s why.

Instead, he buckled to a few extremists egged on by the 100 or so chowder heads who confirmed up waving indicators this week. “PARSONS HAS GONE COMMIE,” one in all them stated, whereas one other in contrast public health measures to slavery.

Kauerauf was additionally considered suspect, no joke, as a result of he labored for a few years in Illinois, a blue state. His priorities have been enhancing Missouri’s dismal health outcomes and entry to main care. This show of cowardice from Republicans together with the governor will delay these objectives.

And what public health official who believes in public health would even need the job now?

Parson’s tweeted Monday defense of his nominee was virtually as goofy because the criticism: He lauded Kauerauf as somebody with “a disciplined moral compass that is guided by our Missouri principles: Christian values, family values, and love for this nation.”

Which is all high-quality, however irrelevant. And aren’t Jewish and Muslim and different values, non secular and secular, “Missouri principles,” too? Think you simply named a state faith, Governor, and James Madison would love a phrase.

Far-right state Sen. Mike Moon, who’s working for Congress, has been Kauerauf’s chief critic, objecting with specific warmth to the appearing director’s remark that he’d prefer to see all Missourians vaccinated.

Moon additionally stated that Kauerauf, who self-identifies as pro-life, isn’t pro-life sufficient.

But placing a distinguished public servant out on the road for making an attempt to save lots of lives is?

After Kauerauf’s rapid resignation, Parson put out an announcement lamenting “that we now have to disrupt state operations and the leadership at an entire department because the Missouri Senate chose to indulge a few men’s egos. The events that have transpired over the past few days surrounding Don’s Senate confirmation hearing are nothing short of disgraceful, unquestionably wrong, and an embarrassment to this state and the people we serve.”

Absolutely true, Governor. Which is why it is best to have stood as much as these lies about COVID a few years in the past. Instead, you indulged them, and that is the outcome.



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