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The 5 Best Core Exercises (Build a Strong Core)

So you need to find out about the very best core workout routines?

Well my pal, you’ve arrived on the proper place!

We assist males, girls, and intergalactic bounty hunters develop robust as a part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we at all times put an emphasis on core muscle mass after we construct shopper exercises.

Here’s what we’ll cowl:

Alright buckeroo, let’s do that thang!

Why Is Training Your Core Muscles Important?

Being a ninja for sure requires a strong core.

You use your core muscle mass for nearly all the pieces:

  • Getting off the bed within the morning? Not with out a sturdy core.
  • Pushing a grocery retailer cart throughout the parking zone? Your core will make that occur.
  • Fighting off ninjas who simply found your secret identification? Karate kicks require a robust core.

Lots of core work taking place here.

You get the gist.

So what precisely can we imply after we say “core”?

Contrary to in style perception, your core isn’t simply your abs.

A front and back image of the core muscles.

Some of the muscle mass present in your core embody:

  • Erector spinae: that is the muscle round your backbone and helps you get up straight.
  • Rector abdominis: higher referred to as your “abs.” 
  • Obliques: these are discovered on the perimeters of your torso and aid you twist (and shout).
  • Gluteal muscle mass: also referred to as your “glutes” or “butt” or “bum” or “ass” or – okay, you get the purpose –  which connects your legs to your core.

You may also hear your core known as your “trunk.” Same factor.

The core muscle mass actually are the inspiration of the human physique. And very similar to constructing a home, in the case of health, it is advisable begin with a robust basis.

This is why we deal with constructing a robust core with every of our coaching clients

What Are the Best Core Exercises for Beginners? How Can I Strengthen My Core at Home?

Jumping and smashing blocks wouldn't be a bad core workout, but maybe not for beginners.

If you’re simply beginning your health journey, we gained’t make you leap into the deep finish fairly but. 

Here are the Best Core Exercises for Beginners:

#1) Plank

A plank, like so, is a great way to engage your core.

Your total core is engaged in a plank, as you stabilize your self in a straight line (don’t sink)! 

If you may’t fairly help your self into a full plank, don’t have any concern, you can begin with…

#2) Knee Plank

If you can't do a normal plank, start with doing them on your knees until you can advance.

Just like a common plank, however you’ve your knees for help. Start with these till you are able to do the true factor.

#3) Hip Bridge

Raising your hips of the floor, like so, is how you do the bridge bodyweight exercise.

The hip bridge will activate the glutes and the remainder of your core as you deliver your physique up.

#4) The Hollow Body Hold

The hollow body is a great exercise to practice doing a handstand.

The hole physique is without doubt one of the greatest methods to have interaction the midsection and stabilize the physique. We make the most of the hole physique train as a part of our technique for getting your first handstand.

Once you get snug holding the place, attempt…

#5) The Hollow Body Rocking

Extending your arms will up the difficulty of this handstand workout.

These 5 workout routines will go a good distance in the direction of creating severe core power.

“Steve, these moves are easy peezy. What are some advanced core exercises?”

I assumed you’d by no means ask.

The 5 Best Core Exercises

Barbell training is very important, which is why we covered it at camp!

Now the true enjoyable begins.

Here are The 5 Best Core Exercises:

#1) Squats

The back squat will help you transform into a superhero.

Squats? Yes, squats. 

Squats practice nearly each muscle in your core (and decrease physique). Your core is engaged as you stabilize your self up and down. If you don’t at present practice with squats, begin with a easy assisted body weight squat:

Coach Staci showing you the an assisted bodyweight squat

You may also learn our full guide on how to perform squats to degree up your recreation.

#2) Deadlifts

I promise you, learning how to deadlift will change your life.

We’re massive followers of the deadlift round these elements. Not solely is it a core train, but it surely’s actually an EVERYTHING train (decrease physique, core, and higher physique). 

Senior Coach Staci credit performing deadlifts to her seen abs:

You can see that Staci has changed the way she looks from strength training!

If you need a robust core, start performing deadlifts.

#3) Push-ups

Here Rebel Leader Steve shows you the classic push-up.

Just like how a plank forces you to stabilize your core, a push-up will do all that and extra as you push your self up and down.

How’s your push-up type? Most individuals do them incorrectly.

As you can see, you want your arms to be like an arrow, not a T when doing push-ups.

Read our full information on how to do a proper push-up to hone your approach.

#4) Pull-ups

The classic pull-up

Yes, pull-ups are an upper-body train. But you’ll interact your core as you hoist your self up. The extra you retain your physique in management (don’t flail about as you go up and down), the extra you’ll practice your core.

Can’t do a pull-up but? No drawback, learn “How to Get Your First Pull-Up in 30 Days.”

#5) Knees to Elbow

If you have a bar to hang from, you can try this core bodyweight exercise.

This will problem your core such as you wouldn’t consider. The slower you go, the extra intense will probably be.

Bonus Core Exercise: Toes to Bar

This is an advanced move, but is a great core bodyweight exercise.

This is a sophisticated transfer, however a nice core train that solely requires a pull-up bar!

Are you doing these strikes appropriately?

A great way to examine could be to report a video of your self and match it in opposition to the gifs and movies right here. If they appear shut, you’re doing nice!

The different possibility could be to have a educated skilled assessment your type, which we are able to do in our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program!

Our spiffy cell app enables you to ship a video of your coaching on to your coach, who will present suggestions so you may good your approach.

They’ll additionally construct a exercise program that’s customized to your state of affairs, which may enhance your core power!

Why You Shouldn’t Do Sit-Ups

As we'll discuss, this scene was avoidable.

You might have seen that we haven’t coated sit-ups in our information on the very best core workout routines.

This is 100% intentional. You don’t have to do sit-ups.

In truth, there’s an argument you SHOULDN’T do sit-ups in any respect.

Sit-ups may be exhausting in your again.[1] They’re additionally an incomplete train, as they don’t work out your total core (abdomen AND decrease again). 

So skip the sit-ups. 

Instead, I’d advocate you go together with a Reverse Crunch:

The reverse crunch is a great way to engage your core during your bodyweight workout.

“What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat?” (Best Core Exercise for Weight Loss)

Buddha isn't trying to lose weight. But he's also zen about you trying to.

There’s a widespread perception that if you happen to merely do sufficient crunches or sit-ups, you’ll get a flat abdomen.

I hate to interrupt it to you, however this isn’t true.

It’s one thing I deliver up within the article: “Can You Actually Banish Belly Fat?” 

You can’t spot scale back fats in your physique:

  • Not in your thighs.
  • Not in your love handles.
  • Not in your abdomen. 

This is why the Thighmaster is a joke:

Out of all the exercise equipment out there, the Thighmaster is probably the least effective.

Depending in your age, weight, intercourse, and genetic make-up, your physique will lose fats in a sure order, from sure elements of your physique, that you could’t management.

Here are some issues to think about:

  • Everybody has stomach muscle mass. Yep, even you! They is perhaps tiny, or weak, however all people has 6-pack abs. They may simply be hidden underneath a layer of fats. No judgment, simply actuality.
  • Fat does NOT flip into muscle – they’re two various things. Like oil and water, fats sits on prime of muscle. You might have ridiculously robust abs able to come out, but when they’re buried underneath a lot of fats, no quantity of train offers you a flat abdomen or make these abs pop, as a result of it doesn’t handle the fats on prime of your muscle mass.
  • A flat abdomen solely seems when you’ve a low enough bodyfat percentage. The cause there are 1,000,000,000 ab exercises on YouTube is that folks know there’s BIG cash within the ab-industry for individuals determined to get a flat abdomen! And ab workout routines are a lot simpler to market as thrilling than “eat better, get strong, move more, for a long long time.”

So if you need a flat abdomen or six-pack abs, we have to create a plan for sustainable weight reduction. 


Have no concern, I’ve a couple of sources for you:

How to Build a Core Workout (Next Steps)

Today we teach you how to do a handstand!

Now that we all know methods to carry out the very best core workout routines, you realize what time it’s?

It’s my favourite time.

It’s time to build a workout routine!

Let's start bodyweight training!


As Coach Staci advises within the video under, we advocate rookies power practice two to a few instances a week with a full-body exercise:

That full-body exercise will hit:

  • Quads (entrance of your legs).
  • Butt and hamstrings (again of your legs).
  • Chest, shoulders, and triceps: (“push” muscle mass).
  • Back, biceps, and grip ( “pull” muscle mass).
  • Core (abdominals and decrease again).

We simply went over what it’s best to do for that final section, “core”. 

What must you do for the others? For concepts, learn our information: “How To Build Your Own Workout Routine.”

That will aid you construct a follow to develop robust.

Don’t get startled by my remark that it’s best to practice “two to three times a week.” If you may solely do a full-body exercise as soon as a week, that’s WAY BETTER than none a week.

Once you get the follow going, we are able to at all times work to extend the frequency later. 

The most necessary factor you are able to do right this moment: begin!

If you wanna win a race, you need to start it!

Want a little assist getting going? The good subsequent step on what it’s best to do now?

No problemo!

Here are 3 choices on methods to proceed with Nerd Fitness:

Option #1) If you need step-by-step steerage on methods to shed pounds, eat higher, and get stronger, try our killer 1-on-1 coaching program:

Your NF Coach can help you lose weight and get healthy!

Option #2) If you need an actual roadmap for getting match, try NF Journey. Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra incessantly, eat more healthy, and degree up your life (actually).

Plus, we have now Missions particularly designed that can assist you obtain a robust core.

Try your free trial proper right here:

Option #3) Join the Rebellion! We want good individuals such as you in our neighborhood, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

Sign-up under and obtain our free information Strength Training 101: Everything You Need to Know. It consists of step-by-step directions for the Best Core Exercises coated in right this moment’s information. 

Alright, sufficient from me. Your flip:

Do you agree with my checklist of the very best core workout routines?

Do you assume I’m lacking any?

Am I utterly off base on my place on sit-ups?

Let me know within the feedback!


PS: Many of the workout routines coated right this moment got here from our put up “The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises.” Give it a learn if you happen to’d like to begin coaching with out a gymnasium!


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