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The ‘Clown Car’ of Reasons That Trump Could Go Down

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Donald Trump is nearer to sporting an orange jumpsuit than he’s ever been.

That’s what TrumpNation writer Tim O’Brien thinks anyway. It’s been three years for the reason that investigation into the Trump Organization started and no Trump has been arrested. But with the information this Thursday that Donald has been court-ordered to testify and final week’s bombshell that his accounting agency Mazars USA was dropping him, O’Brien believes that would change.

He tells Molly Jong-Fast on this episode of The New Abnormal that jail time is an actual risk for the Trumps and the indicators are there.

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“Donald Trump has never been under the microscope with well-resourced, aggressive law enforcement officials like he is right now in the state of New York,” he says. “The prosecutors believe they have extremely compelling evidence against the former president. They’re not gonna bring a case against a former president unless they feel they’re on solid ground. So this is gonna become quite a legal showdown.”

Mazars leaping ship is one of probably the most “gigantic red flags that could be waved in front of your face”—particularly as a result of they “had a clown car” of causes to do it, says O’Brien, who provides a rundown of them within the episode.

Later on the present, Molly asks former Biden White House senior adviser Andy Slavitt if COVID will ever go away, what the brand new Pfizer COVID-19 drugs will be capable of do, and if we should always attempt to keep cautious or simply stay as usually as potential (Spoiler: He says just a little bit of each).

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And Daily Beast politics reporter Ursula Perano breaks down the restrictive Texas voting legislation, SB1, that’s sarcastically hurting rural districts, together with pink ones with Republican politicians.

Plus! Molly and co-host Andy Levy talk about the forgotten Trump little one, Eric, and why Barron has a greater probability of changing into president earlier than him. Also, does Sean Hannity hate cops now?

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