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The couple bringing Japan’s top beers and sakes to Singapore

Apart from sakes and beers, Epicurean Nomads additionally carries Koshu wines from Grace Wine, a famend Japanese vineyard in Yamanashi Prefecture. Ng is optimistic that “Japanese wines are going to explode in the next 10 years”.

“The Japanese have done beers well; they have done whiskies well. There’s no reason why [Japanese wineries] won’t be successful. There’s no stopping them,” he mentioned. He hopes to discover the wine scene in Japan as soon as journey is feasible.

Before the pandemic, they’d take turns to journey to Japan as a result of they’ve a younger daughter at residence. They are wanting to meet up with their enterprise companions in Japan.

Lim mentioned: “Many of the breweries were badly affected when restaurants and bars had to close [during the state of emergency] in Japan. The ‘circuit breaker’ here affected us, too. The breweries’ exports suffered. It was a humbling time for everyone.”

They have two employees, each sommeliers, primarily based in Singapore. There are plans to have them being hooked up to eating places for a day, to practice service employees on sake information and conduct tasting periods.

Ng is optimistic that the market will rebound quickly. The subsequent massive factor to look out for, he mentioned, is sake on faucet. They are at the moment working with KeyKeg, an organization that sends kegs to sake breweries, the place they’d fill them and then ship them to bars and eating places. The kegs include inside sterile pouches so there’s no contamination of the liquid. They hold beers and sakes contemporary, particularly namazake or unpasteurised sakes, that are identified to have fruitier aromas.

“I think the younger and progressive sake brewers are keen [on this arrangement],” he mentioned. “With these kegs, we may soon see a cross-pollination between beers and sakes at craft beer venues. We are quite excited about it.”



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