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Twitter Critics Mock Trump’s Mangled Word Salad At Texas Rally

Former President Donald Trump’s chopped up “word salad” was on distinctive show at his Texas rally Saturday earlier than he floated the opportunity of pardoning insurrectionists if reelected — and critics couldn’t say sufficient about it.

He complained at one memorable level in his long-winded speech: “They censor, cancel and persecute ordinary citizens for speaking the truth while they … drown your endless torment of … I mean, what they do … ”

Trump additionally claimed that “shelves are empty” in America and “they can’t get the paper, the glue, the ink” to publish his self-published e book. Nevertheless, he urged: “Go out and buy it.

He additionally called Mexico “Mexelco,” and referred to conservative “great historian” and “philosopher” Victor Davis Hanson (who wrote the $6.99 e book “The Case for Donald Trump”) as “Victor David Hanson.” He added, “You know, Victor Davis Hanson.”

At one level Trump famous earlier than fading into the lettuce: “This is incredible,” including: “But their sinister faces of corruption, lawless …”

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