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What does ‘Line Go Up’ tell us about the state of the NFT art market? – TechCrunch

The NFT art market is extremely scorching.

Collectors spent $22 billion on NFTs in 2021, up from $100 million the yr earlier than.

Late final month, Canadian videographer Dan Olson launched a two-hour video about his strongly held views on web3 and blockchain expertise titled “Line Goes Up — The Problem With NFTs.”

In a nutshell: Olson asserts that web3’s technological limitations are such that it’ll by no means ship on its vaunted guarantees. He goes a bit additional, basically describing cryptocurrency as a scheme that creates extra issues than it solves, is inherently inefficient, and permits early adopters to fleece later entrants till the system runs out of greater fools.

I requested John and Alex to share their ideas on Olson’s video as some extent of departure for discussing the state of the crypto trade normally. Here’s the place we ended up:

  • Walter Thompson: NFTs are scarcely minimal viable merchandise
  • John Biggs: A shakeout has to occur for the tech to take off
  • Alex Wilhelm: I simply don’t need your NFT

Walter Thompson: NFTs are scarcely minimal viable merchandise

It is factual to explain cryptocurrency tasks and non-fungible tokens as speculative in nature. It’s additionally inarguable that early crypto adopters, who take pleasure in an incredible benefit over later entrants, are liable to gloss over broadly mentioned moral issues about how a lot vitality is required to provide these digital gadgets and the way they’re marketed. That’s vital, however there’s one other difficulty at work right here:

Right now, NFT tasks are, simply barely, minimal viable merchandise blockchain traders are utilizing to validate their assumptions.

Non-fungible tokens have all the hallmarks of an MVP: a excessive barrier to entry that daunts all however the most enthusiastic early adopters, a minimal characteristic set, fluid use circumstances, and recommendations of future advantages that can greater than offset at this time’s rising pains.

A Pew Research survey discovered that about 16% of Americans have purchased cryptocurrency to date, which reveals how rapidly it’s catching on. Publicly traded firms like Nike and Visa are spending tens of millions to get in early on these unregulated, extremely speculative investments.

Also price noting: most U.S. residents couldn’t put their hands on $1,000 if they’d an emergency expense.

As Steve Blank, an entrepreneur who helped popularized the MVP framework, as soon as wrote, “you’re selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set to visionaries, not everyone.”

NFT public sale market OpenSea, dwelling of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, closed a $300 million Series C final month that valued the firm at $13.3 billion. According to CEO Devin Finzer, the platform elevated its transaction quantity by “over 600x” in 2021, incomes tons of of tens of millions in transaction charges.



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